The Team England selection processes for 2019 for certain age groups are now available for download.

We are using a different method for each age group for this cycle of events, which helps to reflect the possible different needs for each age group.

The move has been made towards more objective selection processes by adding in skills assessments as well as tournament results, rather than the old subjective process, which was based purely on results and personal opinion; the new process allows for more transparency and clarity.

Ultimately it is Team England’s desire to offer more players the experience of National Team type training with the introduction of a National Academy at all age group levels, to strengthen the whole TE dynamic which in turn will allow players to make their personal training plans much further in advance, helping to make their bowling dreams become a reality.

All these documents are downloadable. Please take the time to read and study them thoroughly. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

BTBA Academy 2019 NEW (download)

Adult Team England (download)

2020 World Youth Championships Qualification Process (download)

2020 Senior Team England Squad Trials (NEW 22/4/19)