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Chris Hillman
Head of Team England



European Youth Championships (EYC) 2022 Team Qualifying Criteria.
Updated 21st August 2021

After looking in depth at several options for qualification for EYC 2022 and none of them really feasible or fair due to the lack of bowling over the past 18 months it has been decided for EYC 2022 only the qualification will be as follows.

All eligible athletes who have expressed an interest in bowling for Youth Team England must compete in at least 5 from 7 events from the Youth Bowling England tour calendar as stipulated under the EYC 2022 column.

Once these events are complete positions 1 to 4 boys and positions 1 to 4 girls in the rankings will automatically qualify for Youth Team England and represent your Country at the European Youth Championships in Wittelsheim, France from 9th – 18th April 2022.

Positions 5 and 6 in the rankings will be the reserve athletes.

The positions in the rankings will be determined by the points system as stated on the calendar.  Any positional ties will be decided by your tour average from your best 5 events with the higher average taking the higher position in the rankings.

Calendar: https://btba.org.uk/youth-bowling-england/

All athletes must be in good standing with the BTBA and sign the Code of Conduct.  All athletes must be aware that there will be financial contribution towards EYC 2022. This will be determined nearer to the time once all entry fees, hotel costs etc are available on the official website. 

It is never an easy decision when you select a team of athletes and many are left disappointed and frustrated.  As everything is against us this time around in generating a qualifying criteria for a selection process we had no other option but to give this opportunity to all eligible bowlers.  This really feels like we are starting from scratch so giving this chance for athletes to make the team from their own ability and not a selection process and of course being as open and transparent as possible is the right way forward for 2022 and beyond. 

Good luck to you all.

Steve Allen
Youth Team England Manager.

Adult and Senior Team England

The Team England Selection processes, supporting documents, and announcements for 2021/22 are available below.

The Adult and Senior qualification trials will be held at Stroud on the weekend of 23/24 October 2021 (An overflow squad for the Adult qualification trials has now also been added on 31 October).

Details and Entry forms are listed below. Please read these carefully and complete accordingly.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Chris Hillman by email at ChrisHillman@btba.org.uk

Good luck, good bowling.

Chris Hillman
Head of Team England

Adult Team England

2022 Adult Team England Qualification Process (.pdf)
Updated 29th August 2021

Both dates are now FULL. Click here to be added to the waiting list for the Adult Team England trials.

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Senior Team England

2022 Senior Team England Qualification Process (.pdf)
Updated 21st August 2021

This date is now FULL. Click here to be added to the waiting list for the Senior Team England trials.

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