The 2023 BTBA Annual Awards

The BTBA Annual Awards for 2023 were held at the Senior Inter County Championships dinner, The Hoggs Back Hotel, Guildford on October 10.

CHAIRMAN’S AWARD 2023 (Two Recipients in 2023)
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Paul LeManquais


Katie Jowsey

Paul LeManquais – Paul has served as Senior ICC Secretary for an incredible 20 years.

Katie Jowsey – “Selfless and outstanding contributions to our sport.”“Katie has been a critical part of their county as a bowler and committee member for years, she deserves to be recognised for her contribution to bowling.

“Katie has dedicated her life to bowling and currently is the Yorkshire Ladies Manager. She is always arranging extra things for the Yorkshire ladies so we have as much time as possible to play as a team and bond. She has been part of the Yorkshire Committee since I can remember and that’s about 25 years ago (sorry Katie). She has been an inspiration and a brilliant mentor to the younger bowlers in the team including myself and I know she has made playing for our county a pleasure and an honour.
Katie will always put others first and takes very little self praise when Yorkshire or any of our ladies are successful. She is one of the biggest motivators I know and really pushes this sport.

“Katie continues to play a key role in Yorkshire and I believe she always will. Without her I know a lot of bowlers probably still wouldn’t be around it. She does all this voluntarily and spends a lot of her free time making it possible for our team to be as bonded, successful and brilliant to play for.
I believe Katie deserves this award for her time as a bowler, countless medals for England and being one of the best females of our game, for her time as a coach and mentor to a county who find her irreplaceable and as a genuinely passionate person about developing our sport and keeping bowling alive competitively.

“Katie is a bowler we look up to, she represents the sport well on all platforms as a bowler and volunteer.”


Adam Cairns

Verity Crawley

Adam Cairns – The amount of work, dedication and genuine passion for growing the sport, this young man has exceeded in every way year after year! I might be bias because I’ve known him since a very young age but he is honestly one of the biggest reasons why my passion for growing the sport is so deep rooted. Personally, he’s my bowling idol (not just because he’s a world class bowler, but because of his attitude towards bowling)

Verity Crawley – This bowler continues to fly the England flag, whilst competing on the PWBA tour and at other events across the US and Europe. She has won her second professional title at the PWBA Grand rapids classic this year. She is also a huge Ambassador for the sport at all levels and has the ambition to grow the sport where she can.

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Alan Keddie

Gaye McCully

Alan Keddie
”Winner of the ISBT at Stroud in September 2022, the RESDEV tournament at Bromborough in April 202. His fifth BTBA Tenpin Tour title at the Airport in April 2023 with a 261 tournament average!!

“He won the All Events at the European Senior Bowling Championships in Bologna in June 2023;  Gold medal in the Mens Trios, Silver in Mens Team, Bronze in Mens Masters at the 2023 Senior Triple Crown.

“He had the highest overall average (across both Adult and Senior) over the last 12 months – 219 over 71 games and the highest overall average (across both Adult and Senior) in 2023 calendar year – 223 average over 63 games.”. Both of these averages were accurate as of August 6th

Gaye McCully

The winner has dedicated so much time and effort to the sport she loves so much. Not only contributing on the lanes but off the lanes too. She is much loved and respected by her peers and a valuable member of the sport.

“She was one of the gold medal Ladies Doubles team, in the European Senior Championships in Alborg 2023.

“Finished top of the Team England Senior Ladies Qualifiers 2023.

“She was 1st in the Ladies Senior Nationals Doubles 2023 and runner up in both the singles and All Events

“Winner of the Ladies Division TPT in Stroud in Jan 2023.”

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Chris Hillman

“Very few people will realise just how much effort is required to manage the whole Team England process.

“From players trials and qualification through to developing a management team to support them at international events. In addition to this, supporting all of the teams by managing all their travel and logistics,  another hugely time-consuming role. I doubt if over the last 5 years or so he has had more than a handful of people, outside the management team, saying thank you. “

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Jo Cundy

“Awarded for her dedication to the sport and the commitment to the Counties. Without these tournaments we really wouldn’t have the number of members we have now.”

“She is also the outgoing Director of Governance and legal aspects of the BTBA, a position which occupied considerably more time than any of you would ever imagine.

TEAM 2023

Gaye McCully & Angie Brown

‘The winners beat Sweden in the semi-final and then Belgium in the final, both in closely contested matches.  The winners of the only Gold Medal that Senior Team England have won in any European Senior Championships so far, the Team of the year are Angie Brown and Gaye McCully.’


Ben Robinson

Jessica Silis

Ben Robinson – An excellent representative for Youth Bowling.  Consistent performance levels.  Developing his game into adult events at home and abroad.  Representing TE.

Jessica Sillis – Outstanding, consistent performance over the past few years. Always gives every event her all.  Though generally quiet she is quite happy to mix with any age group on the lanes thereby giving an excellent impression of YBE and TE.  A no drama player.  Outstanding performance at Triple Crown 2023.  Scored her first 300 at the Classic Singles Tournament.