Team England Qualification Process Update

By Andy Penny, Team England Head Coach

Congratulations to the whole EYC team on your success in Denmark! Extra special huge congratulations to the medal winners Sophie Thompson, Issy Allen, Elyse Giddens and Lucy Williams who are also back to back Team champions to boot – very well done!


team england girls
Team England Girls at EYC


But as one chapter comes to an end, a new one begins. The new Team England management committee will now oversee the coaching and development of all age group levels under the umbrella of the governing body, the BTBA.

Although this will be very much a TEAM effort, I do feel the need to stress again that unless you have seen a post or a published document by myself on behalf of Team England, or if I haven’t spoken to you on a personal level (but please do get in touch as I welcome your input) then it is only a rumour.

One rumour that needs to be dispelled very quickly is who will and who won’t be selected. The process below is designed to allow the best bowlers to showcase their skill level as well as their results, meaning selection is open to anyone and everyone whether they attend an Academy or not.

There seems to be some confusion by a number of people between Tour events and Qualification events:

– Team England will use events from the tours in all the age groups as Qualification events
– The Tours should still run as tours in their own right
– Qualification events will be drawn from those tours.

If this needs further clarification please do get in touch with us.

The TE selection processes for all age groups are now in place with the final addition of the EYC selection process below.

We are using a different method for each age group for this cycle of events, which helps to reflect the possible different needs for each age group.

The move has been made towards more objective selection processes by adding in skills assessments as well as tournament results, rather than the old subjective process, which was based purely on results and personal opinion; the new process allows for more transparency and clarity.

Ultimately it is Team England’s desire to offer more players the experience of National Team type training with the introduction of a National Academy at all age group levels, to strengthen the whole TE dynamic which in turn will allow players to make their personal training plans much further in advance, helping to make their bowling dreams become a reality.

All these documents are downloadable Please take the time to read and study them thoroughly. Should you have any questions Please don’t hesitate to get in touch:


JTE Qualification (download)

As you can see there is no change to the Junior Triple Crown process as posted on the tour websites.

There is no change to the EYC qualification process as posted on the tour websites.

There is a change to the EYC selection process which is outlined above, it is still very similar to this year’s process but uses more detailed methods.


WYC Qualification (download)

This is a reminder of the 2020 WYC qualification process which will replace the old U22 process with a straight selection into the team being possible from your average in the qualification events.


Adult TE Qualification (download)

Older YTE tour players may want to aim for the place in the new Adult TE play-offs as well as look towards future bowling careers beyond the Youth age group.


All future Team England Qualification events starting with the Junior Triple Crown trials will have the lane pattern checked before each squad to guarantee fairness to all participants.

The rationale for bringing all Team England age groups together under one roof is that we are all part of one organisation, the BTBA. The degree of competition at international level is becoming increasingly more difficult, if we do nothing, we go backwards!

All age groups need to have the same knowledge of how to play the lanes, it would make sense to supply all age groups with the same information in order for them to be able to take that information and put it together with experience to create the opportunity of gaining greater knowledge.

I do hope you will all be able to join us in being part of the vision of the future of BTBA Team England.

Andy Penny
Team England Head Coach

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