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2022 European Women’s Championships
2023 European Men’s Championships
2023 Adult Triple Crown
2023 European Champions Cup

Adult Qualification events 2024

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1 Stroud – Winners Gavin Greaves and Rachel Cox

2 Barnsley – Winners Mark Patrick and Natasja Ailes

3 Chesterfield May 11th

4 Altrincham July 6th

5 Acocks Green July 27th

6 Shipley October 5th


BTBA National Championships

Acocks Green Bowl

Saturday 15 June, Sunday 16 June & Saturday 22 June, Sunday 23 June.

Adult Team England News

24th June 2024 – Triple Crown Selection

This year’s Adult Triple Crown is fast approaching and will be held at Dundonald International Ice Bowl, Dundonald, Northern Ireland from Thursday 19th September to Sunday 22nd September 2024 and we’d like to congratulate all of the following athletes for being selected for this year’s event:
• Nicola Day
• Elyse Giddens
• Stacey Gould
• Harriet Harmon
• Charlotte Rathbone
• Jessica Sillis
• Gavin Greaves
• Hadley Morgan
• Chris Oates
• Brandon Roberts
• Pete Stevenson
• Rob Thurlby
• Curtis Hooper
• Paul Wilkinson
Good luck and good bowling to all our Team England athletes!
Kind regards
Team England Committee

28th January 2024 – Team England Adult Qualification Process

Given the upcoming Adult Team England qualifications process for 2025.

We have taken on feedback around timings for payments and it being tight with January so we will extend the payment deadline to 3rd March 2024.

The £150 must be paid by 3rd March 2024 or one week prior to first event the athlete wants the points to count from (for example, if an athlete wishes to use the ESBT Chesterfield (stop 3) then payment will need to be made by 5th May 2024). The latest date to pay will be 5th May 2024 as an athlete will need to complete all four remaining ESBT events to be ranked). Any results posted prior to £150 payment received will not be used for Team England ranking (bar the exception written above for ESBT Stroud (Stop 1)).

Thank you to those who have already signed up and paid.

Any questions, feel free to email

Many thanks
Team England Committee

27th November 2023 – Team England Adult Qualification Process

The Adult Team England Qualification process for 2024 will run from 3rd February 2024 until 22nd September 2024. The qualification process will be based on the English Sports Bowling Tour (ESBT) and the BTBA National Championships.


£150. This is separate to the entry fees for the ESBT events & BTBA National Championships.
The £150 must be paid by one week prior to the first ESBT event the athlete wants the points to count from (for example, if an athlete wishes to use ESBT Stop 1 then payment will need to be made by 28th January 2024, latest date to pay will be 5th May 2024 as an athlete will need to complete all four remaining ESBT Stops to be ranked). Any results posted prior to £150 payment received will not be used for Team England ranking.

Qualification events

Date Event Location
3rd & 4th February 2024 ESBT – Stop 1 Stroud Bowl, Stroud
9th & 10th March 2024 ESBT – Stop 2 Barnsley Bowl, Barnsley
11th & 12th May 2024 ESBT – Stop 3 Chesterfield Bowl, Chesterfield
15th / 16th & 22nd / 23rd June 2024 BTBA National Championships Acocks Green Bowl, Acocks Green
6th & 7th July 2024 ESBT – Stop 4 Atlantic Bowl, Altrincham
27th & 28th July 2024 ESBT – Stop 5 Acocks Green Bowl, Acocks Green
21st & 22nd September 2024 ESBT – Stop 6 Go Bowling, Shipley

Qualification Rules

Each athlete will need to:
● Register for the Qualification Process (registration will be made available soon)
● Pay the Qualification Entry fee £150 by the Sunday before the first event the athlete wishes to count, latest 5th May 2024
● Play at least 4 of the 6 ESBT events (in full) not including the English Open
● Play the BTBA National Championships (participation is required – no minimum events, but
All Events (9 games) will need to be completed to obtain points from this tournament)
● Be an active competitive member of the BTBA.


The Qualification Process will be based on a ranking system with points awarded for each event series. Adult National Championships points will only be awarded to those athletes that complete All Events (9 games) and the points will be calculated after ESBT – Stop 6 so that only athletes who have participated in enough ESBT Stops (4 of 6) get awarded points.
● Individual points will be awarded after all bowlers (registered & paid prior to the event) have
completed an event as follows:
1st 50pts, 2nd 35pts, 3rd 25 pts, 4th 20 pts, 5th 17 pts, 6th 15pts dropping to 1pt for 20th
● No points will be awarded for scores falling outside the Top 20 each time. No points will be
awarded for an event for those athletes that have not registered and paid prior to the event.

● An athlete’s best 4 out of 7 points results will be used to determine the Team England

● A possible maximum of 50 points are available for each event and 200 in total.


● The top 15 places based on total points across 4 of 7 events will qualify to be a part of the
Team England squad from 01/01/2025 until 31/12/2025.
● Existing Team England squad members who requalify in the Top 15 this year will have their
tenure extended in line with the above.
● Existing Team England squad members who DO NOT requalify will continue in the squad
until the end of their original tenure.
● In the event of a tie of points, the highest pinfall over the athletes’ best 4 events will be
placed in the higher position.

Current events 2025

Adults are playing for a chance to represent Team England in 2025:
● European Men’s Championships 2025: 4th – 13th June (Aalborg, Denmark)
● Adult Triple Crown 2025: (Dates TBC and location TBC)
● European Championship of Champions 2025: 20th – 26th October (Vienna, Austria)
There will potentially be other events that we will consider entering teams into, including World
events as they are announced.


Currently there is only partial funding available for Team England, therefore the athletes will need to
consider the financial commitment when registering for Team England. What will you need to
consider but not limited to:
● Squad training sessions (3-4 throughout the year)
● Championship contributions
● Equipment

The Team England committee will work with the BTBA and others to attain sponsorships which will
be used to help towards funding teams for these events and squad training sessions. It will also be
the responsibility of the athletes to work with Team England and the BTBA, looking for sponsorship
and funding opportunities.

Youth and Adult Team England Qualification Registration Form

Download Process pack here

1st October 2023 – Team England Wildcard Applications

Following the unfortunate cancellation of the 2023 Adult Team England trials it was stated that a wildcard application would be available for all entrants and any other athlete looking to apply for a place on the Team England squad. We have some key information for athletes to consider below followed by the application itself:

The wildcard application window for the 2023 Adults Qualification Process will be from 1st October 2023 until the end of day on the 31st October 2023. All applications will be considered by the Team England Selection committee and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their Wildcard application by the 1st December 2023. Please send your wildcard applications to

All successful applicants will be asked for a one-off contribution of £150 and will be in the squad until 31st December 2024.

Read more and apply here

18th September 2023 – Adult Trials Cancelled

We unfortunately have to announce that due to severe lack of support of the trials system this year we have had to make an unprecedented decision to cancel the trials. We understand that this will be disappointing for some but it does not mean that the trial entrants lose all opportunity to represent Team England.

The newly formed Team England Committee encourages all trial entrants and any other current member of the BTBA who wish to put themselves forward to join the Adult Team England squad for the next year (until 31st December 2024) to apply for a Wildcard.

Wildcard application forms will be available from 1st October, closing date for applications will be 31st October and all applicants will informed of the selection outcome by 1st December.

All Wildcard applications will undergo a strict selection criteria and successful Wildcard applicants will be asked to pay a one off £150 contribution by 31st December 2023 to join the squad.

We have been forced due to the first trials being next weekend to make this announcement prior to our scheduled announcements introducing the new Team England Committee, current squad member tenures and Future of Team England pack, please keep your eyes peeled for these coming soon!

Hadley Morgan
Head of Team England