2019 Adult Triple Crown

Team England retain both the Adult Triple Crown Overall Champions and the Adult Triple Crown Women’s Champions Trophies for 2019! TEAM ENGLAND MEN Mark Heathorn (coach), Sam Rose, Mark Patrick, Gavin Greaves, Daniel Davies, Chris Matthews & […]


Matty Clayton – King of Europe

World Championships Bronze medal…Check. European Championships Singles Gold…Check. Right there is two events that give a lot of points in the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame. In Fact Matty Clayton is now inside the top […]

junior team england eyc 2019

European Youth Championships 2019

We would like to wish Alex McCarthy, Austin Taylor, Thomas Redman, Connor Mudge, Issy Allen, Lucy Williams, Rhian Dobinson and Jenny Grace the best of luck representing England at the European Youth Championships. This year’s […]