2020 & 2021 Adult Team England Qualifiers

The BTBA and Adult Team England are pleased to confirm the following bowlers have successfully registered for the 2020 Adult Team England Qualifiers.


Note – men bowl SATURDAY and the women bowl SUNDAY.  The patterns will be WTBA Seoul and WTBA London

Men Women
Jason Agate
Garry Baird
Kevin Black
Jamie Bottomley
Kevin Brockman
Adam Cairns
Alex Castle
Lee Cocker
Craig Ellis
Jay Goodwin
James Goswell
Darren Henry
Casper Macleod
Liam Malin
Phillip Manning
Alan Meades
Chris Oates
Mark Patrick
Allan Pearson
Glen Relph
James Roberts
Sam Rose
Jack Sanders
Luke Sanders
Adam Shrubb
Garry Sykes
Austin Taylor
Aaron Underhill
Paul Wilkinson
Natasja Ailes
Issy Allen
Fung-Ping Cheung
Rhian Dobinson
Nicky Donowski
Elyse Giddens
Evie Giddens
Samantha Hannan
Vicki Harman
Elizabeth Harris
Lisa John
Laura Marcham
Charlotte Rathbone
Stephanie Tilson

2021 – UPDATED 3RD MARCH 2020

As the National Championships are now one of the Qualifying events for next years Adults and Senior Squads,  ‘ALL’ players that wish to participate in the Qualifiers to decide next years squad MUST register their participation before they play the respective Championship.
Closing dates:
Adults: Monday 9th March 2020
Seniors: Friday 24th April 2020
To register your participation, please email ianoakley@btba.org.uk and pay a £40 deposit into BTBA account:
Barclays Sort Code: 20-44-22 Account 60203351
Please give your Adult reference as: ATE/Initials/BTBA Number – e.g. ATE/IO/000273
Senior reference as: STE/Initials/BTBA Number
Thank you,
Ian Oakley
Adult Team England Manager, and
Team England Executive Director

Players wishing to participate in the Qualifiers for the 2021 Squad MUST register their participation ‘on-line’ on or before Monday 9th March 2020, along with a £40 deposit, which will be refundable in the event that personal circumstances change, and they decide to withdraw from the events.

Qualifying criteria for both 2020 and 2021 are published under the TEAM ENGLAND menu at the very top of the website, and by clicking here…

For further information please email me  on ianoakley@btba.org.uk

Thank you,

Ian Oakley
Adult Team England Manager, and
Team England Executive Director

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