2019 Adult Triple Crown

Team England retain both the Adult Triple Crown Overall Champions and the Adult Triple Crown Women’s Champions Trophies for 2019!


Mark Heathorn (coach), Sam Rose, Mark Patrick, Gavin Greaves, Daniel Davies, Chris Matthews & Jack Sanders.

Nicki Donowski, Charlotte Rathbone, Gemma Tsappis, Louise Parker, Samantha Hannan, Stephanie Tilson & Simon Herbert (coach).


Live updates were available during the event on the official BTBA facebook page, and an ‘All Nations’ report is available on TalkTenpin (external website).



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CONGRATULATIONS Mark Patrick on your All Event’s Bronze!

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Key: (S) – Singles, (D) – Doubles, (TR) – Trios, (TE) – Team, (MD) – Mixed Doubles

Men’s All Events – With final totals of 794(S), 784(D), 852(TR) and 847(TE), Mark took third place and the All Events Bronze Medal, averaging 204.8 (3277).  Danny finished his event with 789(S), 796(D), 837(TR) and 756(TE) for 198.6 (3178) in 8th, Gavin finished with 695(S), 789(D), 795(TR) and 874(TE) for 197.0 (3153) in 9th, Jack finished with 786(S), 783(D), 754(TR) and 825(MD) for 196.7 (3148) in 10th, Chris finished with 787(S), 729(D), 789(TR) and 734(TE) for 189.9 (3039) in 15th and and Sam finished 721(S), 779(D), 803(TR) and 717(TE) for 188.7 (3020) in 16th.  The All Events was won by Ireland’s Karl Dryer with 211.1 (3378).

Women’s All Events – Stephanie narrowly missed medalling by just 4 pins, finishing 4th with 751(S), 736(D), 715(TR) and 725(TE) for 182.9 (2927).  Samantha finished with 752(S), 683(D), 720(TR) and 707(TE) for 178.8 (2862), Charlotte finished 684(S), 702(D), 742(TR) and 660(TE) for 174.2 (2788), Louise finished 683(S), 784(D), 637(TR) and 684(TE) also for 174.2 (2788), Gemma finished 783(S), 630(D), 679(TR) and 687(MD) for 173.6 (2779) and Nicki finished 757(S), 617(D), 725(TR) and 666(TE) form 172.8 (2765).  The All Events was won Scotland’s Tania Yusaf with 195.4 (3127).

CONGRATULATIONS Sam Rose, Gavin Greaves, Daniel Davis, Chris Matthews and Mark Patrick on your Team Gold!

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Men’s Team – Games of 962, 967, 972 and a closing 1027 would see England’s men dominate the leaderboard and finish in first place and collect the Team Gold Medal.  Sam led the team with a high game 204 in his 717, Gavin bowled 213, 224 and 243 for 874, Daniel had a high game 203 in his 756, Chris a 200 game in his 734 and anchor Mark bowled 204, 200, 236 and 207 in his 847.  England finished with 3928, 141 pins above Scotland in second.

Women’s Team – Leading England’s women, Nicki bowled 666, with 684 from Louise, 725 from Stephanie, 707 from Samantha and 660 from Charlotte ending with 3442 and third place, earning themselves the Team Bronze Medal.  With the conditions still proving to be challenging team games of 914, 800, 893 and 835 were bolstered with a 204 from Stephanie and a 209 from Samantha.  Scotland’s women won the team with 3658.

CONGRATULATIONS Charlotte Rathbone, Nicki Donowski & Gemma Tsappis on your Trios Silver!

Women’s Trios – Charlotte, Nicki and Gemma bowled 742, 725 and 679 to finish their Trios in second place.  Charlotte and Nicki hit the teams’ only 200-games with 210 and 208 as the lanes continued to challenge everyone, but the team kept their nerve and focus through to the end.  Louise, Stephanie and Samantha opened strongly with team 513 and 558 games but were unable to find more, and finished in 4th, just 9 pins short of Scotland.  Another hard fought squad, with high games of 207 and 200 from Stephanie and Louise.  The trios were won by Wales’s Lynne Walker, Kylie Bromley and Louise Roberts with 2295.

CONGRATULATIONS Danny Davies, Chris Matthews & Mark Patrick on your Trios Bronze!

Men’s Trios – Danny, Chris and Mark dug deep in games 3 and 4 to secure third place in their Trios.  Danny led with a diligent 203/225/207/202 for 837, and Chris followed with with 789, including games of 208 and 205, whilst Mark anchored with a hard-won 852, including games of 227, 219 and 213.  Sam, Gavin and Jack would finish 6th, and yet bowled a set filled with impressive games.  Sam led nobly bowling 803 including 222 and 225 games,  Gavin was only 8 pins less with games of 226 and 236 in his 795, and Jack had games of 233 and 201 in his 754.  The trios were won by Scotland’s James Claxton, Kenny Jamieson and Steven Gill with 2574.

CONGRATULATIONS Jack Sanders & Gemma Tsappis on your Mixed Doubles Gold!

Mixed Doubles – Jack and Gemma had a comfortable win in the Mixed Doubles, winning all but team game number 3 with 373, 343, 370 and a strong finish on 426, for a total 1512 pins.  Jack bowled the two high games with 214 and 247 for 825, and Gemma was steady with 687.

CONGRATULATIONS Louise Parker & Stephanie Tilson on your Doubles Gold!

Women’s Doubles – Louise and Stephanie lifted themselves 80 pins clear of Scotland, and lifted themselves the Doubles Gold medal, with a total 1520 pins.  Louise started with a squad-leading 225 game in her 784, whilst Stephanie rallied herself to a 736 with a 216 high game.  The conditions challenged the women’s squad, with Nicki and Charlotte working hard to place 7th with 617 and 702 for 1319, and Samantha and Gemma also working hard for 683 and 630 to place 8th.

Men’s DoublesDanny and Mark would finish the men’s doubles in 4th place, just 9 pins short of the Bronze medal, with 796 and 784 respectively for a total 1580 pins.  Gavin and Sam finished 5th, with 789 and 779 for 1568, whilst Chris and Jack would finish in 8th with 729 and 783 for 1512.  High games were harder to find, although Danny started strong with 244 and ended with 201, partner Mark started with 201 and didn’t shoot lower than 191, Gavin did quite get running but ended on a brilliant 276, Sam started with 209 and added a third game 233, and Chris included games of 192 and 195 whilst Jack bowled a 205 high game with nothing under 193.  The doubles were won by Ireland’s Karl Dyer and Eoghain Lebioda with 1798.

CONGRATULATION Gemma Tsappis on your Singles Bronze!

Women’s Singles – Gemma Tsappis, Nicki Donowski, Samantha Hannan and Stephanie Tilson finished their singles in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, with Gemma on 783 taking the Bronze and Nicki, Samantha and Stephanie separated by only 6 pins with games of 757, 752 and 751 respectively.  Gemma opened with 246, whilst Nicki ended on 226, Samantha had a 220 and 199, and Stephanie a 235.  Charlotte Rathbone had a 194 high game in her 684 to finish in 13th whilst Louise Parker had a high game 182 to finish in 14th with 683.  The singles were won by Scotland’s Tania Yusaf with 809.

Men’s Singles – Mark Patrick, Danny Davies and Chris Matthews finished singles in 6th, 7th and 8th separated by only 7 pins, with scores of 794, 789 and 787 respectively.  Mark hit a high game of 235, Danny started 215 and 214 and Chris started and ended strong with 246 and 225.  Jack Sanders was 12th with 786 and a 227 high game, Sam Rose 22nd with 721 and a 220 high game and Gavin Greaves 24th with 695 and a 196 high game.  The singles were won by Scotland’s Steven Gill with 886.

The 2019 Adult Triple Crown took place between 4th and 6th October 2019 at Deer Park, Livingstone, Scotland.

Friday, 4th
8.30am – Opening Ceremony
9.00am – Men’s Singles
12.15pm – Women’s Singles
2.30pm – Men’s Doubles squads 1 and 2
4.00pm – Singles Presentation
4.45pm – Men’s Doubles squads 3 and 4

Saturday, 5th
9:00am – Women’s Doubles
11:15am – Men’s Trios
1.45pm – Doubles Presentation
2.30pm – Women’s Trios

Sunday, 6th
9:00am – Mixed Doubles
10:30am – Trios Presentation
11:15 – Teams
Banquet – Presentation of Team, Mixed Doubles and All-events medals.

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