2019 Senior Inter-County Championships

CONGRATULATIONS to Kent and Yorkshire –

2019 Senior Inter-County Champions!

Kent Senior Men – Bob Ockleford, Chris Taaffe, Sean Purcell, Keith Hodge, John Hinch, Chris Skudder and Clive Mitchell

Yorkshire Senior Women – Jan Baines, Helen Caton, Janet Didur, Carole Orange, Ki Sellars and Gina Wardle

Final Scores

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Report from Senior Inter-County Secretary Paul Le Manquais

Senior ICC Finals Spectrum Bowl Guildford

Kent Men and Yorkshire Ladies triumph

The Spectrum Bowl in Guildford hosted this year final and proved to be an excellent host too.

Twelve men’s teams were looking to bring defending champions Yorkshires six-time winning run to an end. Eight ladies’ teams were vying to win but there was no qualification for last year’s champions Kent.

One of Kegels navigation challenge patterns was chosen as the lane dressing and whilst there was more swing than expected the 2nd arrow hold area so frequently found in tournaments was missing and paid testament to the challenge category.

This was the first year without age bonus pins and it was interesting to note, perhaps coincidentally, how much closer matches were. This change was given a lot of support by the finalists too.

With 6 games on the Saturday Lincolnshire led for the first four before losing in game 5 and dropping to second behind Kent. Kent’s lead was however short lived as Yorkshire went from third to top spot at the end of day one.

The ladies play just 2 games on day one with Essex taking the early lead. Yorkshire replaced them after game 2 topping the table alongside the men’s teams at the close of he first day of the finals

Saturday evening was the traditional dinner and awards to the Senior Bowlers of the year. Alan Keddie and KimberleyOakley were the voter’s deserved choices. It was lovely to see Alan’ partner Anna join him too, travelling from the Netherlands, to see him get his award. Kim safely arrived just in time, delayed after hitting a concrete block in the middle of an unlit road trashing two tyres. A special award was also given too, to Ronnie ‘O’ Oldfield on achieving his 100thtournament victory. Although he is now already up to 102.

Sunday was five games for each division. Yorkshire ladies held their lead throughout with a comfortable, but not huge,lead over the various second placed teams. In the final game they played second placed Sussex who defeated them, narrowing the 124 pin gap to just 39 pins. Essex who had been outside the top three in just one of the seven gamessecured the bronze medal

In the men’s division Yorkshire lead was narrowed to 5 pins over Kent after the first game, game 7. Game eight saw them play one another and with Kent winning they then topped the table. They were to hold onto this. Yorkshire fell further after game nine with Lincolnshire once again in the medal positions in second place. Another loss for Lincs and a win for Yorkshire saw them swap places going into the final game. This game saw no surprises though and Lincs secured the bronze medal behind Yorkshire.

The tournaments individual successes were by Kimberley Oakley, Surrey, with a 198.3 average and the high ladies’game of 258. Bob Ockleford, Kent, was the men’s high average of 204.8 and the high game of 268.

The 2020 Senior Championships will be the 25th Who will be next years anniversary winners?

The 2019 Senior Triple Crown finals took place on the 12th and 13th October 2019 at Guildford Spectrum.

12 senior men’s teams will bowl 11 games of matchplay, and 8 senior women’s teams will bowl 8 games of matchplay over the two-day weekend, on Kegel’s Challenge Series Middle Road pattern (39′), with total pinball determining first, second and third places winners.

Men’s Schedule


09.30   Registration

10.00   Opening

10.15   Practice

10.30   Game 1          

(Lanes 21-32, Practice 19-20)

11.30   Game 2

12.30   Game 3

13.30   Lunch and Lane Dressing

14.30   Game 4 (Lanes 21-32, Practice 15-16)

15.30   Game 5

16.30   Game 6

17.30   Play completes


09.45   Practice

10.00   Game 7 (Lanes13-24, Practice 11-12)

11.00   Game 8

12.00   Game 9

13.00   Lunch & Lane Dressing

14.00   Game 10

15.00   Game 11

16.15   Presentation

Women’s Schedule


13.30   Registration

14.00   Opening

14.15   Practice

14.30   Game 1 (Lanes 13-20, Practice 11-12)

15.30   Game 2

16.30   Play completes


09.45   Practice

10.00   Game 3 (Lanes 25 -32, Practice 11-12)

10.50   Game 4

11.40   Game 5

12.30   Lunch & Lane Dressing

14.00   Game 6

14.50   Game 7

16.15   Presentation





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