Team England Executive Director

The BTBA are delighted to announce the appointment of Ian Oakley as Team England Executive Director.

2019 has created more challenges than our Management Team could have imagined and therefore to help us achieve our goals and our aspirations for the future, we have asked Ian Oakley to join the Executive Council as Team England Executive Director. Ian will give a more dedicated focus on our International Squads and their performance, by working closely with our Head of Team England and Head Coach.

By removing some of the burden of responsibility from our Director of Sport Development, Terry will be more able to perform the challenging tasks that he already undertakes.

Ian has worked with the BTBA in a multitude of roles for over thirty years, including being a Trainer, International Coach and Manager to a number of our Teams, along with bringing many years’ experience as an International Business Consultant.

Along with accepting the above position, Ian will also assume the role as Adult Team England Manager and as such will be restructuring the Qualification Process for the Squad of 2020. With this in mind, please note that the weekend of January 3rd/4th/5th which currently appears in the Bowling Calendar, will no longer be taking place. Further announcements regarding this will follow shortly, so please play attention to the BTBA media.

I hope that you will all join with me in welcoming Ian to our Management Team and I ask that you give him your full support as we go forward.

Ian can be contacted on

Yours in Sport,

Martin Webster, BTBA Chairman.

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