Team England News: Youth Triple Crown Qualification Process

England U16s
England U16s

The BTBA is pleased to announce the qualification process for the 2019 Youth Triple Crown.

The Triple Crown event is a very important part of a bowler’s development; it gives them the opportunity to represent their country, which should always remain as the highest possible
achievement. The new qualifying process will give the players who have proven their form over a longer period of time the chance to qualify.

Once a player has played at EYC or WYC level they will become ineligible for future YTC events unless it is in the first season where they qualify for both events.

The coaches will be selected from the coaching pool once the teams are known; this will provide both players and coach with the best possible environment to work in together. It will also allow the less experienced players the opportunity to play at international level.

Andy Penny, Team England Head Coach said, “I am delighted to announce the new qualification process for the 2019 Youth Triple Crown, which will give more players the opportunity to represent their country and build up their experiences for future competition.”

Click here to download the new qualification process, or visit the “Team England” tab in the top menu for further details on qualifying for Team England.

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