EYC 2019 Combine

Listed below are the top 18 girls and boys from the combined Junior Team England Tour rankings for 2017/18 season, who have met the minimum age requirement and the minimum number of 8 tournaments criteria.

They will now be invited to take part in the EYC Combine in Dunstable on the 8th & 9th September 2018; full details are supplied at the end of this post.

The selection process will be based equally between their Tour performances from the 2017/2018 rankings and their results from the Combine, and the selections will be made by the Team England management committee and the coaches present at the Combine.

If there are coaches who are involved in the Combine and also have children going through the selection process, those coaches will not be eligible to take part in any selection matters.

Congratulations to Austin Taylor and Isabel Allen who finished first in the rankings; they will each receive a free place in the National Academy.

Should a player be unable to take up their place it will go to the next player who has achieved the full criteria.

If the list is still not complete we will invite the players who have played the next highest number of events. However these players will not be eligible for EYC team places. They will be playing for a place in the National Academy.


  1. Austin Taylor
  2. Robbie Bowden
  3. Alex McCarthy
  4. Oliver Spindley
  5. Sonny Rowland
  6. Daniel Harding
  7. Adam Banks
  8. Thomas Redman
  9. Caspar Macleod
  10. Connor Mudge
  11. Jack Barwick
  12. Joshua Buckett
  13. Joshua Greengrass
  14. Jack Blyth
  15. Joshua Streak
  16. Michael Carter
  17. Daniel Wall
  18. Ronnie Russell


  1. Isabel Allen
  2. Katie Watson
  3. Lucy Williams
  4. Jenny Grace
  5. Rhian Dobinson
  6. Hannah Ailes
  7. Nicole Ediker
  8. Leah Rose Tickner
  9. Jade Connor
  10. Kathryn Betts
  11. Charlotte Williams
  12. Jasmin Pates
  13. Danielle Topham
  14. Millie Upton
  15. Mica Roberts
  16. Eleanor McCarthy
  17. Izzy Fletcher
  18. Nikkita Truslove

Combine details:

Girls:  Saturday 8th September

Boys : Sunday 9thSeptember

Venue: GoBowling Dunstable, LU5 4JD

Registration: 11:30am

Briefing: 12:00

Warm up: 12:30pm

Combine start time: 1:00pm

Approx finish time:  7:00pm

Cost: £75.00 per bowler. Bowlers can click here to register and make their payments.

The highest scoring boy and girl from the Combine will each receive a free National Academy place should they not be selected onto the EYC team.

An invitation letter will be sent via EMAIL to the players on the above list at the email address given in their BTBA membership application. If you have changed email addresses since then or have any further queries or questions please contact Mark Heathorn by email : markheathorn@btba.org.uk

All the players taking part will receive a full report of their results.

Congratulations to all players and we look forward to seeing you in September!

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