BTBA Annual Awards 2017

The annual BTBA Awards Dinner was held on November 4th 2017, at the Inter County Finals in Nottingham. The awards celebrate the outstanding contribution to tenpin made by athletes and volunteers at all levels of the sport. This year we were also delighted to receive so many nominations of different individuals for the Chairman’s Award, for the contribution of outstanding services towards tenpin bowling.

Ron Griffin, BTBA Chairman said, “I am delighted to see the huge range of people that have been nominated for the Chairman’s Award this year. It just reminds us all just how important volunteers and role models are and the difference they can make to people lives and their own bowling achievements. I would like to recognise each one of them and thank them for what they have done so we will be publishing an honour list on our website and we will list all of the individuals that have received a nomination so that they can see that their efforts have not gone unrecognized. I would also like to thank everyone that submitted a nomination as it will mean something to those nominated that you took the time to recognise the their efforts and achievements. From all of the nominations received I have picked out three individuals that I would especially like to acknowledge at this time.”

Brian Parker for Services to NAYBC and Junior tournaments.

“Brian has worked tirelessly for well over 20 years running the Bowlers Club and many more tournaments around the country, I’m 41 years old and he was running tournaments when i was a junior, His commitment to the NAYBC juniors has been amazing and has never once sought for any kind of recognition. He has worked through times when he hasn’t been well and has always given the youngsters a great platform to show of their bowling ability. A truly nice man who deserves this award.”

“Brian’s long term commitment to bowling and running countless junior event every year through everything and just his dedication to junior bowling.”

Jon Zadel Team England Bowler and Team England Coach

“Nominated for his exceptional work with Team England Adult Ladies Team in back to back European Championships in Holland and Germany winning Gold on both occasions. Also for his tireless work training all bowlers to have them achieve their goals and aspirations in our wonderful sport, He always has time for everyone and is a very pleasant individual and without Jon Zadel to look up to our sport would not be the what it is today. He is calm and unassuming and this with the wealth of talent and knowledge of the sport makes bowlers he works with at ease, confident, belief in themselves and of their team members.”

“Jon has been a great coach to me and others, he’s always a positive influence, and he’s a fantastic role model for the sport.”

“Jon is an amazing coach and has helped my son achieve an England shirt twice. His own career is pretty impressive and has been a coach for the medal winning England ladies team.”

“Jon Zadel for his own Bowling achievements and being the best coach I’ve ever worked with!”

Ken Forrest Acocks Green YBC President

“Ken has been president of the AG YBC since my son started 14 years ago, my son is now 21. Ken has always been the backbone of this club through thick and thin and constantly encourages all the members from the youngest up to the oldest, he not only does the mundane part of paperwork but also provides extra training for all other members. Ken has been a member of Acocks Green YBC from the start as far as I know, our YBC has been going for 50 years and Ken has always been there.”

“Ken Forrest because he has been president of Acock Green YBC for as long as I can remember and he has always put the club above himself. Never taking time off to help others, making sure the club is ran on time and everyone has a good and enjoyable morning. He is very devoted to the club above everything else.”

“Ken has been associated with Acocks Green YBC for around 40 years. He has been an instructor there for around 30 years and Club President for nearly as long.”

Award Winners

Chairman’s Award

Jon Zadel

Male Bowler Of The Year

Nominees: Elliot Crosby, Hadley Morgan, Sam Rose, Steve Thornton

Winner: Hadley Morgan

Female Bowler Of The Year

Nominees: Becky Daly, Samantha Hannan

Winner: Becky Daly

Team Of The Year Sponsored By B&P Fabrications Ltd

Nominees: EYC Junior Team England Girls, Durham Ladies, Dorset Men, STC Ladies Trios, STC Team Men, Becky Daly & Elliot Crosby

Winner: Junior Team England Girls (Issy Allen, Natasja Ailes, Mia Bewley, Lorna Scott)

Volunteer Of The Year Sponsored By Tenpin Bowling Proprieters Association

Ken Forrest, Acocks Green YBC

Official Of The Year Sponsored By BTBA

Lisa John

Senior Male Bowler Of The Year (awarded at senior inter county finals)

Nominees: Gary Baker, Richard Hood, Gordon Humphries, Kim Johnson

Gary Baker

Senior Female Bowler Of The Year (awarded at senior inter county finals)

Nominees: Sandra Boswell, Angie Brown, Kimberley Oakley, Catherine Wills

Winner: Sandra Boswell


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