Chair of The Women’s National Council

The BTBA are delighted to announce the appointment of Katie Tagg as the new Chair of The Women’s National Council.

Katie is looking-ahead to working with the National Council, and has said she feels it is “ honour to be selected as the Chair of The Women’s National Council for the BTBA. I am looking forward to getting to know the female bowlers and understanding exactly what they want for the sport in this country. I am looking forward to working together with you all and helping to promote the sport.”

Katie’s competitive bowling past is a key energy in her preparations, and she continued “I think it’s time to bring together all the women in our sport to become competitive again. We need team work along with fun and competitive tournaments. I want to bring together all your ideas of what you want to see in our sport and bring those together to create something just for women. When was the last time you saw women compete against men in the Olympics or major championships?”

Katie can be contacted on, and is keen to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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