Paul Pasion Strings the Strikes in World First

The world’s first sanctioned 300 on string pinsetters was rolled last week, on 15th January by 31-year-old Paul Pasion in the Horlicks Marshall 4 person league at Airport Bowl, Middlesex. Paul bowled games of 212 and 258 on his way to perfection, rolling a total series of 770 using a Storm IQ Tour Pearl bowling ball.

Paul has been stringing the strikes for some time, having also bowled an unsanctioned 300 at Airport Bowl before Christmas. He said, “Bowling 300 is always a great feeling. Being told it was the first sanctioned string pin 300 in the world? Definitely a greater feeling.”

Paul will become the recipient of £1,000 offered by QubicaAMF for the first man, and also the first woman, to bowl a perfect game on their TMS string machines.

The Airport Bowl, a centre with one of the largest league programs in the UK, together with the BTBA, is tracking and comparing scoring since the freefall machines were exchanged for QubicaAMF TMS string machines in late summer 2018. The statistics will be made available to World Bowling and anyone else that may be interested. While this exercise is ongoing, to date there has been very little difference in scoring when comparing before and after strings, with PWBA stars Diana Zavjalova and Sandra Gongora commenting at the recent EBI ProAm event at Airport that they felt there was no difference in bowling on string machines.

Paul’s 300 Game certificate is now on route to him and we look forward to arranging a presentation evening to present him with his grand prize.

Tempted to try strings? The next tournament to be held at Airport Bowl is the popular Easter Re-Entry Doubles.

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