Team England Play Offs 2019/2020

by Team England Head Coach, Andy Penny.

The Team England play offs of 2018 were a great success but feedback shows that many people found the process difficult to follow. It was also a difficult logistical program to manage.

Based on that feedback and the very high attendance level at the National Academy in Dunstable on 5th & 6th January 2019, the play offs will now be open to all players who want the chance to represent Team England in 2020 at the Men’s and Women’s European Championships.

The play offs will take place over a three-day period from Friday 3rd January to Sunday 5th January 2020. It will be a full and vigorous test of a player’s all round playing ability.

Full details and venues will be released as soon as possible. We are publishing the dates early in order for everyone to make the necessary arrangements in good time and U22 players will also take part in the above process ( see below for full details).

The U19 EYC Junior team and the Seniors will still have their own separate qualification processes, and may still attend the play offs as part of the Team England National Academy training programme.

WYC 2020 qualification process amendment

As the WYC 2020 Championships have been moved back to November 2020 in Las Vegas, it does not make sense to select a team 15 months in advance of the event. Together with players finding it difficult to enter enough events to make the average criteria, the following format will become the new process of qualification:

Players can still obtain direct entry into the team through the current average achievement process, eg 215 for boys, and 200 for girls.

For those players who will not automatically qualify through the current process, the next stage will now be to play in the play offs in January 2020 instead of the Combine in September (see above).

A maximum of the two highest placed boys and two highest placed girls will automatically be selected to the team along with any players who make it through the current average qualification process.

The remaining players will be selected by the Team England Committee after the play offs. Those final selections will take into account but not be limited to a player’s record from the original process along with their play offs position.  This new process allows for everyone to keep their current plans in place, as they will need to gain as much experience as they can at the higher level of competition. It also allows for a longer development process for players throughout the whole of this year rather than until July only.

If you have any questions regarding the above process, please contact

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