QubicaAMF Research Study: Scoring and Pinfall Behaviour of EDGE String Compared to Free-Fall Machines

QubicaAMF have prepared a research study report looking at the scoring and pinfall behaviour of their EDGE String machinery compared with more traditional free-fall systems.

“Since the mid-1960’s string pinspotting machines have been used for entertainment bowling applications such as five-pin, nine-pin, duckpin and mini-bowling games. More recently string machines are increasingly being used for tenpin bowling — as existing and new bowling investors are drawn to their operational benefits such as reduced maintenance, lower operating costs, decreased energy consumption and less stress for owners and staff.

“When we decided to develop the EDGE String pinspotter the product requirements included features to make the play as similar to free-fall machines as possible to deliver the most authentic experience possible for both recreational and competitive sport league bowling. Consequently, EDGE String was designed to meet the relevant dimensions controlled by USBC for certified free-fall machines—these include kickback spacing, ball stop location, pin curtain location and pin deck surface-to-pit floor surface distance. EDGE String was given a unique string handling system to minimize resistancestrings can have on pinfall, so pins fall over easily – as close to free-fall as possible.

“Lastly, the sport bowling environment is rough on equipment so EDGE String was designed to be uniquely robust — using premium material such asthick hardwood kickbacks, a heavy-duty ball stop, state of the art industrial gearmotors and long-life bearings in the drive train…

Download the full study by clicking this link..

See more about EDGE on QubicaAMF’s website here..

Lisa Blann
Chairman & Director of Membership Services
British Tenpin Bowling Association