Team England Think Tank

The Team England Think Tank was held on 18th August 2018, welcoming BTBA members from around the country for an open discussion and ideas sharing session about Team England.

With every world event being held in Las Vegas or the Far East over the next four years, the projected cost of attending these events is as follows:

2018: £109,101

2019: £100,010

2020: £139,175

2021: £127,099

Assumptions: inflation 2% currency at August 2018 exchange rate.

It has been agreed that in light of these costs, only teams that have a chance of making the Masters at these events should be funded.

Over the next few years, the BTBA will be setting the amount of money available to Team England, beginning in September 2018. This will then be allocated to each event so that if the qualifying criteria is achieved, the players will know how much they will need to fund. If the qualification is not met, standard places will still be offered without funding to those who lead the ranking or selection events, and Team England will fund a Team Manager only.


Chris Hillman to become Head of Team England, reporting to Head of Coaching

A Team England working party will be formed to discuss fundraising and Team England activities

Earliest publication of amount required by players if an event is funded, and as soon as possible if unfunded

Several ideas were discussed and will be looked at soon, including applications for funding

The full details of the Think Tank will be published shortly.

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