Youth Triple Crown Day 2

It was a busy day at Spectrum Bowl as day two of the Youth Triple Crown continued with the doubles and trios events.

In the u16s girls, the English duo of Jenny Grace and Hannah Ailes topped the standings with 1166 (194 average) with just 6 pins between their high game and low game. Issy Allen and Lucy Williams of England got off to a strong start in game 1, shooting 457, taking the gold medal with 1201 (200 average) in the u19s division. In a close u22s division, it was Scotland’s Reanna Watt and Allison Williamson who took gold with 1101 (183 average), shooting 404 in their final game to take the win.


u18s Girls Doubles Medals Triple Crown
u18s Girls Doubles


The Scottish pairing of Chris T Nairne and Euan Coote in the u16s got off to a flying start shooting a 505 doubles game, believed to be an age group tournament record (citation needed). A doubles set of 1305 saw them claim the gold in what was the highest doubles score of the tournament. In the u19s, England’s Alex McCarthy and Austin Taylor shot 1271 (211 average) in a convincing win and in the u22s, it Jamie Gore and Ki Leighfield also of England claimed gold with 1201 (200 average).


u16s Boys Doubles


In a slight format change due to team numbers being reduced to four, the mixed doubles is now held in tandem with the trios discipline, instead of the five-person team event. The girls trios was the first event to be contested in the afternoon and in the u16s girls, Skye Bryne, Abby McKeever and Aoife Lawlor of Ireland finished winners with 1670 (185 average). In the u19s, England’s Issy Allen, Rhian Dobinson and Lucy Williams took gold with 1691 )187 average) and in the u22s, Elyse Giddens, Olivia Cogley and Sophie Thompson rolled consistent games for a 1753 (194 average) and the gold medal.


u22s Girls Trios
u22s Girls Trios


It was happiness for Ireland in the u16s boys trios as the team of Conor Fetherston, Sean Staines and Jack Bruton finished top with 1700 (188 average). In the u19s, Oliver Spindley, Alex McCarthy and Austin Taylor of England kept it steady for a team total of 1809 (201 average) and the gold medal and in the u22s, it was another gold for the English team with Alex Pates, Ki Leighfield and Jamie Gore rolling 1784 (198 average).


u16s boys trios
u16s Boys Trios


Tournament play continues today with the mixed doubles, team event and masters. Click here for the results page.

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