Issy Allen and Sophie Thompson Defeat Netherlands for EYC Doubles Gold

Issy Allen and Sophie Thompson defeated Holland to take the Gold Medal in the Girls Doubles at the European Youth Championships in Aalborg yesterday.

Issy and Allen finished with a total of 2371 to tie with Malta for the fourth qualifying spot. England proceeded to play for the medals after defeating Malta’s Raquel and Sara Xueureb by a single pin in a 9/10 frame roll off.

The English duo then met Sweden in the semi final, running out winners with a blistering 501 including a 285 from Issy, to Sweden’s  442.

Issy and Sophie then met the Netherlands in the final match, a nail biting affair coming right down to the final frame which saw the English girls victorious with 439 to the Netherlands 434, to take the gold medal.

Elsewhere, England’s Lucy Williams and Elyse Giddens put in a solid performance to finish 11th in the doubles.

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