European Youth Championships 2018 Blog Day 1

EYC 2018 Team

Tournament play at the  European Youth Championships kicked off today in Aalborg, Denmark. Represented by Issy Allen, Elyse Giddens, Sophie Thompson, Lucy Williams, Robbie Bowden, Jay Goodwin, Oliver Spindley and Joseph van Vilsteren, the bowlers are working together with Neville Nock, Head of Delegation and NAYBC Chairman to keep a blog of their trip.

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March 25th – Official Practice

Both teams took to the lanes for the official practice session before tournament play begun. We took a minute to catch up with Robbie who said “So far the experience has been really good. I learnt a lot in practice with the different ball shapes and what I need to do to suit the conditions.

The girls said “The girls all found a line which was great. We started with our strongest ball on the fresh, working our way down trying to find consistent lines. All four of us are feeling very excited to start bowling and tomorrow we look forward to cheering on the boys.

March 26th – Boys Doubles

Oliver Spindley and Robbie Bowden were first to take to the lanes this morning, finishing with a total of 2365 for 17th place. Jay Goodwin and Joseph van Vilsteren bowled in the second squad, finishing with a total of 2199 for 31st place. In the All Events, Jay is currently 26th (1227), Oliver 27th (1220), Robbie 44th (1145) and Joseph 83rd (872).

Oliver wrote a few words:

Myself and Robbie were both woken at 6:30, in our preparation for squad 1 of doubles. The nerves increased exceptionally as we got closer and closer to the bowl. We warmed up, we prepped our equipment and we lined up in practice. All that was left was the maintain the combination, of excitement and nerves in a battle to try to make top 4. We both threw the ball well and we both made mistakes, as expected. However, we seemed to come to the conclusion that we just couldn’t put two good synchronised games in when needed, this cost us. Our final finishing place of 17th, which we was pleased with. Joseph and Jay overlooked us through our set, they cheered and they shouted all to try to motivate us to push for them final few pins. It was then their turn to prep for their battle, and what a battle it was. Jay matched up and created some exceptional shots, as did Joseph. However, Joe ran into far to many misses and splits, which was produced from small mistakes which have been amended in our preparation for Team. Joseph and Jay finished in a place of 31st which came to a disappointment to both bowlers. After our evenings de-brief, we are back to being confident and ready for making top 4 in the team event.

Lucy Williams and Elyse Giddens will start the Girls Doubles tomorrow.


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