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It’s been a busy few days in Aalborg, with excitement and emotions running high. We took some time to catch up with the bowlers.

Girls Doubles

Sophie and Issy recapped on their day. “After an early start and watching Elyse and Lucy bowl, we began our block. During practice we struggled to find a line however we found some good lines whilst bowling. In game 3 we began stringing strikes together and began scoring higher. In the last game, Issy had a good line whilst Sophie struggled and left a few splits. In the tenth frame Sophie got the two from the split to draw with the Maltese, who we played in a 9/10 frame roll off, which we won by a pin! After this we were on a high. Coming from winning the rolloffs, we were both fairly confident and managed a 501 against the Swedish, with Issy bowling a 285. Against the Netherlands, Issy was striking and Sophie was struggling to strike. In the last frame Issy struck out leaving Sophie having to get a spare and 3 to win. Then we won the medal. Yay!”

Lucy and Elyse who finished in a respectable 11th said “Sophie and Issy won the gold medal in doubles and became European Champions! They fought extremely hard and put in some amazing scores to win! We are so proud of them and we can’t wait for the team event to start!

Head of Delegation and NAYBC Chairman, Neville Nock spoke out after we congratulated him and the team on a nail biting final. “I have no nails left to bite.”



Team Event

The boys were first to take to the lanes for their first block, finishing in 13th place after their first three games.


Team England with Team Malta
Team England with Team Malta


The girls then started their first block, finishing in 5th place after their three games. The girls said “We started with two very good games then lost it in the last. Tomorrow’s a new day and there are only 14 pins to catch up. It’s no fun if it’s easy.”


Team England and Germany
Team England and Team Germany


Raring to go, the girls took to the lanes for their second block. “Today we started the second block of team. After yesterday’s performance we knew it was tight as we lay in 5th place and every pin counted. We got off to a good start as a team and motivated each other throughout the whole three game block. We qualified in 2nd place and we faced Sweden in the semi-finals. After beating Sweden, we were now up against Czech Republic in the finals who had recently beaten the top seed, Denmark. In this game we all struggled to carry therefore making spares was vital to win the gold! All four of us never gave up and we worked amazingly as a team. This was our main goal as a team and we are proud to say that we are back to back European Champions!! We couldn’t have achieved this without our great coaching team and we are forever grateful for everything they have done.


Team England Girls EYC Gold Medal


The boys had a better day too, finishing on a total of 4531 to lift their finishing position to 11th place. With the singles left to go, the masters is now lying in sight.


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