Izzy Fletcher joins Paul Pasion in String 300-game record books

Izzy Fletcher bowls first female 300 game on strings

Izzy Fletcher and Paul Pasion are now both in the record-books, having bowled the first sanctioned 300-games by a man and woman on string pinspotters in the United Kingdom.

The prizes were offered by QubicaAMF to any bowler who was ‘perfect’ on their TMS String Pinspotters, which are installed at Airport Bowl, Harlington.  Paul was the World first in January 15th 2019 and Izzy the UK first for a woman, bowling in YBC on 26th February 2022.

Both The BTBA and TMS Pinspotter manufacturers QubicaAMF congratulate them both again on their achievements, as QubicaAMF Director of International Relations and Sports Development Roger Creamer travelled to Airport Bowl, this time to present Izzy with her award, a cheque for £1,000.

You can read all about Paul’s string 300-game on this post  whilst we talk to Izzy about hers below (courtesy of Talk Tenpin http://www.talktenpin.net).  Below you can see Izzy receiving her cheque from Roger.

Izzy Fletcher receives her string 300 award

Congratulations Izzy, In the record books for first woman in the UK to roll 300 on String machines. How do you feel about this fact?  

I’m super proud to be the first woman in the uk to bowl a 300 on strings! I’ve always wanted a 300 and am over the moon to be the first!

Which ball did you use to the record 300 and were you nervous going into the final frames?

I used my storm Son!Q, I was super nervous going in to the 12th shot and honestly thought I was going to gutter it! But a double bounce and 300 is what I got instead!

How long have you been bowling and what was your high game up to this point?

I have been bowling for 7 years! I started when I was 10, my high game before was a 267 and I have never been close to a 300 before!

Is a goal now to become the first woman to bowl an 800 string series on string too?

Yes hopefully I am the first to bowl an 800 on strings! I’ve never got one though so it might be a while!

Will this honor now give you a confidence boost as you head to the European Youth Championships later this year?

Absolutely, since I threw a 300 I have gained a lot more confidence with my bowling and I hope to keep it up!