Immediate Update to the League Rules

The BTBA wishes to bring our readers’ attention to an IMMEDIATE update to the League Rules.

“Hello Everyone,

“I hope you are all safe and well as we head into 2022 at full speed.

“I want to bring your attention to an immediate update to the League Rules. This is an addition to Rule 102a (Officers) and the rules now include “The president, secretary and club administrators agree to their personal contact information (including email) being used for all communications from the BTBA relating to the league”.

“This has been added after it was brought to our attention that the Go Membership system will use the contact information for individual officers, rather than a club email address (which is not a mandatory field). Although Go Membership have a Privacy Policy in place, it was agreed at the National Council Meeting in December 2021 that our League Rules should also reflect the way the current system works to ensure everyone is aware of how their information will be used.

“I hope this is clear, but if anyone has any questions at all or would like to get in touch to discuss anything else, please email me at any time.”

Thank you,

Kayleigh-louise Wilkinson
Director of Membership Services
British Ten Pin Bowling Association