IBF approves string bowling centres for sport

Press release from Andrew Oram, Chief Executive Officer of the International Bowling Federation (IBF):

“Throughout the process in the build up to our Extraordinary congress held on Monday, November 2nd, it became very clear that there was a requirement of the global governing body to make clear its position on String pin-spotting technology.

“Today, the International Bowling Federation approves string centers for Sport Bowling to ensure bowling operators and investors have a real choice in new technology – both free-fall and string technology are now viable options for Sport Bowling.  Now, operators and investors who choose string machines as a way to make their businesses more efficient, profitable and sustainable, can continue to offer and engage in Sport Bowling.”

You can read and download the full press release by clicking the following links..

IBF Strings press release (8112020)

IBF Compliant String Center Requirements

IBF Strings FAQ


Lisa John
Chairman, British Tenpin Bowling Association