‘Backs to the wall, eyes on the ball…’ – Gutter Girls Crowdfunder Appeal


The Gutter Girls, a feisty all-female bowling team, have it all. Their own homemade bowling alley, all the milkshakes they can drink, and a dedicated coach. Or so they thought. When Coach bets their bowling alley on a game with their arch rivals, the Splits, it’s up to Ace (the undoubtable leader of the team and trusted narrator of this story) to lead them to victory. What could go wrong?

The BTBA are delighted to support this production to help stimulate interest and promote tenpin bowling.  It’s not quite the sport we might be used to promoting or following, but it will we are sure resonate with bowlers of all ages and abilities across Britain!

If you’d like to make a donation to the Crowdfunder they’ve setup then please follow this link here..

PLEASE NOTE! – we’ve checked the script and there are several moments of bad language within the film, however they are all in keeping with the script and are brief!

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