The 55th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup 2019, Indonesia

The 55th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup takes place between the 16th and the 24th of November 2019 in Palembang, Indonesia.  The BTBA wish Matt Chamberlain and Issy Allen the very best of luck as they prepare to bowl this prestigious singles bowling tournament.

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Top 24 cut to Top 8 – The top 24 bowlers, including Issy of course in 16th, bowled a further 8 games to cut to the top 8.

With another brilliant high game of 240, Issy added a further 1,475 pins (184.4 avg.) too bring her tournament total to 6.052 and a 189.12 avg. over 32 games.

Issy finished in an impressive 21st place.  An incredible first-time Bowling World Cup result – many congratulations!

You can follow her personal QubicaAMF page by clicking here..


Fourth Block (Games 19-24) – The fourth and final women’s block took place Thursday at 2.00am UK.

A first game of 169 was brushed aside by a brilliant 247 second game, and Issy closed her first Bowling World Cup qualification with a 201 game and 1,151 series / 191.8 avg. to record a 24 game total of 4,577 / 190.7 avg. and to take 16th place after qualifying.

Issy commented “Well after probably the hardest 24 games, I made the top 24 in 16th position. Now tomorrow it’s 8 games to push to the top 8.“, and we wish her the very best of luck as she advances to the first cut to the  top 8 on Friday.

Qualifying was headed with Malaysia’s Natasha Roslan on 5,016 / 190.0 avg. You can follow her personal QubicaAMF page by clicking here..

Third Block (Games 13-18) – The women’s third block took place Wednesday at 8.00am UK.

Starting with an opening 202 game, it was a harder block to match-up with, and along with a 203 game five, Issy built a 1,085 series with 180.8 avg. to remain in a strong position ahead of the final 6 qualifying games tomorrow, dropping down just one place to 17th.  Top 24 progress of course.

Issy is comfortable with 3,426 total pinball through 18 games, a 190.3 avg.  Malaysia’s Natasha Roslan replaced USA’s Kulick at the top of the table with 3,768 and 209.22 avg.

You can follow her personal QubicaAMF page by clicking here..

Bowling with local with local youth – Issy teamed up with other international bowlers, including Kylie Bromley of Wales and Chris Sloan of Ireland, to coach the local youth from the nearby Tourism University.  Speaking afterwards Issy told us “It was a great experience. I taught them how to bowl (or tried to), and they taught me all about their culture and many different Indonesian words! It was super fun!“.

Second Block (Games 7-12) – The women’s second block took place at 2.00am UK, Tuesday 19th.

A determined start with a 211 game set a higher-still scoring pace for Issy, who continued strong with games of 243 and 224 in her second set of 1,217 / 202.8 avg, bringing her cumulative total after 12 games to 2,341 pins and 195.1 avg.

Now up five places to 16 from 21, Issy shares her current pinfall total with Shinta Ceysaria Yunita of Indonesia and Mariana Meteksinova of Bulgaria.  USA’s Kelly Kulick leads with 2,610.

You can follow her personal QubicaAMF page by clicking here..


First Block (Games 1-6) – The men’s first block took place on Monday 18th at 2.00am UK.

We’re saddened to have to report that Matt has had to withdraw from the event after a hand jury proved too much to bowl through.  We all feel his disappointment after all the preparation and wish him a speedy and full recovery.  Matt went on to join the livestream and commentary showing a wonderful strength in character.

The women’s first block took place at 9.00am UK.

Issy opened her first Bowling World Cup with a confident six-game set of 1,124 for a 187.3 avg.

She bowled 2 lower games within the set, but in both instances responded with high games, drawing on both her experience of high-level youth bowling and her hours of practice.  A good start see’s her in 21st place – within the top-24 first cut – and a lot more bowling to follow!

Issy returns to the lanes Tuesday at 2.00am for block 2. You can follow her personal QubicaAMF page by clicking here..

Matt Chamberlain

Matt is bowling his second World Cup, his first being in 2012 at Sky Bowling Centre, Wroclaw in Poland for the 48th edition of the event.  Matt finished 7th having qualified for, and bowled through the Rounds of 24 and 8.

Matt is looking forward to getting started and adding a second World Cup appearance to a string of impressive achievements, which include two Commonwealth medals, three European Men Championships medals and a European Youth Championships medal.  Oh, did we mention bowling the World Tenpin Masters broadcast by SkyTV at only 19 years of age?!.


Isabel ‘Issy’ Allen

Issy also has an impressive list of youth internationals achievements – and is bowling her first Bowling World Cup at the age of only 17…Issy has also been a regular in Youth Team England from the Triple Crown at age 13 to leading England’s girls to three consecutive European Youth Championships Team Golds in 2017, 2018 and 2019 – and an impressive run up the finals in 2019 to lift the Masters Gold!


It has been 39 years since the Bowling World Cup was last in Indonesia, and 2019 will see the event return to the country and to the city of Palembang in South Sumatra. The tournament will be held from November 16 to 24, 2019, in the 40-lane center which is part of the huge and impressive Jakabaring Sport City, the venue of the 2018 Asian Games.

Official practice and the Opening Ceremony are Sunday at 9.00am and 3.00pm local Indonesia time (2.00am and 8.00am UK), and play begins Monday at 9.00am local time with the Men’s first 6 game block, and continues at 3.00pm local time with the women’s first 6 game block.

Palembang time is UK time plus 7 hours

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