World Men’s Championships 2018 – Doubles

Doubles qualifying at the World Men’s Championships 2018 in Hong Kong is now complete, and it was the USA partnership of EJ Tackett and Andrew Anderson who dominated to take the top qualifying spot. Anderson has so far finished in the top spot for both singles and doubles, and holds a healthy lead over Canada’s Dan MacLelland in the All Events.

BTBA Bowler of the Year, Leon Devlin was England’s top performer today, shooting 1206 (201 average). Partnered with Commonwealth medallist Elliot Crosby, they made up England’s top placed doubles pairing, finishing 76th. Devin also moved up the standings in the All Events to 68th place, just two pins behind compatriot, Peter Stevenson. We would also like to congratulate Chris Sloan of Ireland whose 1335 in the doubles propelled him up the All Events standings into 14th.

The top 24 bowlers in the All Events will qualify for the Masters. At the halfway point, Sami Konsteri is the cut with 2513 (209.42).


Team England Doubles Standings

76th, Elliot Crosby, Leon Devlin, 2257 (188.08)

83rd, Adam Cairns, Hadley Morgan, 2239 (186.58)

92nd, Pete Stevenson, Adam Michaels, 2199 (183.25)


Team England All Events Standings

65th, Pete Stevenson, 2401 (200.08)

68th, Leon Devlin, 2399 (199.92)

121st, Adam Cairns, 2319 (193.25)

131st, Adam Michaels, 2304 (192.00)

176th, Hadley Morgan, 2209 (184.08)

193rd, Elliot Crosby, 2173 (181.08)


265 bowlers from 47 different countries are competing in this year’s championships held at the SCAA Bowling Centre, Hong Kong. Please follow for the latest results.


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