World Men’s Championships 2018 – Singles

Singles qualifying at the World Men’s Championships 2018 in Hong Kong is now complete.

Peter Stevenson was England’s top performer, finishing in 21st with 1274 (212.33 average), a great start to an event where the top 24 in the All Events after all disciplines will qualify for the Masters. Adam Michaels sits 46th with 1232 (205.33), after a consistent set which sees just 14 pins separating his high and low games, just 34 pins off the top 24.

Andrew Anderson of the USA dominated qualifying with 1473 (245.50) to take the top spot, with compatriot Kyle Troup in second with 1368 (228). Muhammed Rafiq Ismail of Malaysia with 1361 (226.83) and Dan MacLelland with 1349 (224.83) round out the top 4 and will be playing for medals.

Congratulations to Scotland’s Steven Gill who finished 6th with a total pinfall of 1340 (223.33) to miss the medals by just 9 pins.


Team England Singles Standings

21st, Pete Stevenson, 1274 (212.33)

46th, Adam Michaels, 1232 (205.33)

77th, Leon Devlin, 1193 (198.83)

94th, Adam Cairns, 1179 (196.50)

156th, Elliot Crosby, 1122 (187)

169th, Hadley Morgan, 1110 (185)


265 bowlers from 47 different countries are competing in this year’s championships held at the SCAA Bowling Centre, Hong Kong. Please follow for the latest results.


Team England World Men's Championships 2018
Team England 2018

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