54th QubicaAMF World Cup roundup

The 54th QubicaAMF World Cup came to a conclusion over the weekend, with Australia’s Sam Cooley and the USA’s Shannon O’Keefe taking the titles.

In the Men’s division, England’s Sam Rose finished in 10th after a great performance averaging 214 over his 32 games. He was joined in the top 24 by Barry Foley of Ireland (17th).

Well done to all participants from the Home Nations, Mark Russell of Jersey (43rd), James Claxton of Scotland (46th), Kevin Horton of Northern Ireland (47th), Steve Dalton of Wales (55th), and Michael Wood from Gibraltar (78th).

England’s Sam Rose (left) pictured with Barry Foley of Ireland.

Meanwhile, in the Women’s section, Lorna Scott averaged 197 to claim 21st place. Scotland’s Tania Yusaf (15th) and Mel Oates (24th) of Wales joined Lorna in the top 24.

Congratulations also to Dymphna Kestell of Ireland (54th), Caroline Horan of Northern Ireland (58th), and Daniella Galea of Gibraltar (65th) who completed the competitor list from the Home Nations.

Lorna Scott of England (left), pictured with Mel Oates from Wales (centre), and Scotland’s Tania Yusaf (right)

Full results are available on the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup website.

Thank you to Dominic Gall of talktenpin.net for the photographs.

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