IBF U21 World Championship 2022, Sweden

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The IBF U21 World Championship 2022 takes place from 20-29 June 2022 in Helsingborg, Sweden at Olympia Bowl,

Athletes will compete in singles, doubles, team and mixed teams events.

U21 Team England are Hannah Ailes, Isabel Allen, Jack Blyth, Rhian Dobinson, Nicole Ediker, George Jagger, Alex McCarthy and Austin Taylor.  They will be accompanied by Coaches Natalie Hart and Pete Stevenson.  We wish them all the very best of luck and fortunes.

Photo of Hannah Ailes Photo of Isabel Allen Photo of Jack Blyth Photo of Rhian Dobinson
Photo of Nicole Ediker Photo of George Jagger Photo of Alex McCarthy Photo of Austin Taylor


Values in brackets indicate final place

10 games qualifying

Hannah Isabel Jack Rhian Nicole George Alex Austin

Congratulations to Austin, who qualified for matchplay, where he would finish in 6th place.

10 Baker games qualifying

Alex & Jack Austin & George
202 220 198 230 174 236 190 136 173 166
= 1925 (54)
183 210 218 194 200 176 165 216 213 211
= 1988 (48)

10 Baker games qualifying

Nicole & Isabel Hannah & Rhian
190 177 170 193 181 170 174 200 176 212
= 1863 (26)
204 213 237 155 176 163 207 248 202 156
= 1988 (48)

CONGRATULATIONS to Hannah & Rhian who qualified for matchplay, and would finish 4th in their group, winning 4 of their 7 matches.

10 Baker games qualifying

238 214 217 181 234 225 248 214 262 203
= 2238 (1)
184 167 148 247 178 226 192 202 195 203
= 1942 (7)

CONGRATULATIONS to both teams, with the women qualifying for matchplay in 7th and the men qualifying in 1st!  After a further 10 Baker games matchplay our men took 3 points whilst the women took 10, just missing the cut to the finals.

10 Baker games qualifying

Isabel, Rhian, Austin & Alex Jack, Nicole, George. & Hannah
244 211 150 227 221 216 171 186 174 221
= 2021 (19)
203 152 186 195 204 213 196 214 167 165
= 1894 (29th)



I think most of us left the doubles feeling frustrated and like we should of had more. We didn’t execute as well as we did in the singles, but we still got lots of useful information which we now hope can help us make a run at the team events! Hopefully now everyone is understanding the baker games and how much more fast paced it is when needing to make moves.

Hannah and Rhian however had an amazing doubles event, the way they kept it together to sneak into the top 16 to then take on all the big nations in their matchplay pod was a great experience to be apart of, I hope it gave the whole group a lot of confidence in belief. We’ve played 2 events and made a matchplay in each one with either the boys or girls, let’s hope we can now go for the big one and get the teams right up at the top!


Now that we have our first event in the books I think we are all excited and looking ahead to the doubles. I think as a team we was all hoping for a bit more success in the singles, but what we did gain from our first blocks will hopefully carry on the momentum from yesterday.

There was lots of good solid performances from our players and considering this is some of their first championships the composure they showed on the lanes is something they should be very proud of and hopefully take a lot of confidence from going into the doubles.

As a group we all got right behind Austin and George yesterday and we was in with a chance of the finals right down to the last game, let’s push forward and see if we can put ourselves in that position again today!


We started off with our flight cancellation but thankfully got booked onto the next morning flight available so ended up spending the night in a hotel.

Once we were back at the airport all was fine apart from one of our players triggering an alarm through security but all turned out it was residue cleaner. Flight was nice and smooth then when we got the other end a bag was left on the plane which resulted in me queuing for a couple of hours while the rest went on the coach to the bowl to play their unofficial practice.

Everyone felt comfortable and was looking forward to getting back on the lanes once feeling a bit more fresh!

Hopefully we perform with the accuracy of the Swedish birds which decided to target myself and another player with deadly precision!

Back to the hotel everyone checked in and enjoyed a much needed chill out ready for official practice today


June 21st
09.30 Singles women squad 1
13.00 Singles women squad 2
16.30 Singles women squad 3

June 22nd
09.30 Singles men squad 1
13.00 Singles men squad 2
16.30 Singles men squad 3

June 23rd
09.30 Singles men squad 4
13.00 Singles matchplay women
15.30 Singles matchplay men

June 24th
09.30 Doubles women squad 1
12.30 Doubles women squad 2
15.30 Doubles women squad 3

June 25th
09.30 Doubles men squad 1
12.30 Doubles men squad 2
15.30 Doubles men squad 3
18.30 Doubles men squad 4

June 26th
09.30 Doubles matchplay women
12.00 Doubles matchplay men
14.30 Team men squad 1
17.30 Team men squad 2

June 28th
09.30 Mixed squad 1
12.30 Mixed squad 2

June 29th
09.30 Singles semifinal women and men
10.30 Singles final men
11.30 Singles final women
12.30 Doubles S/F women and men
13.30 Doubles final women
14.30 Doubles final men
15.30 Team S/F men and women
16.30 Team final men
17.30 Team final women
18.30 Mixed semifinal
19.30 Mixed final


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