BTBA announces new Central Regional Officer

The BTBA are deighted to welcome Michael Kimberley to the role of Regional Officer (Central)

Michael has been involved in bowling activities for almost 32 years, since the opening of Chesterfield Bowl in November 1989.

As League Bowler, League Official, Derbyshire Area Tenpin Association (DATA) Council member, and more recently YBC Official and BTBA Foundation Coach, he has performed numerous bowling administration roles and has a good understanding of the challenges faced at the grass roots level of bowling.

Michael has worked closely with the management at Chesterfield Bowl, providing assistance in establishing a programme of BTBA Sanctioned Leagues, and continues to assist in the ongoing administration of those leagues.

Michael has held a number of different official’s positions on the Local County Area Association, including 2 years as Area Secretary during the mid 90’s when the BTBA membership was in excess of 1100 members across the 3 centres of Chesterfield, Derby and Ilkeston.

Michael was part of the Local Association group, which along with council members from Staffordshire and Warwickshire Local Associations, established the Midland Scratch League, which is still running to this day.

More recently Michael’s main focus has been as an Official and Instructor with Chesterfield Spire YBC.

Thank you and welcome to the Membership Services Team,

Lisa Blann
Chairman & Director of Membership Services
British Tenpin Bowling Association