IBF Teams Up With ShePower Sport..

International Bowling Federation (IBF) teams up with ShePower Sport to connect women athletes and foster the women’s game

With equality and athlete welfare taking top priority in the federation’s goals going forward, IBF has teamed with ShePower Sport, an organisation that endeavours to support female athletes to perform at their best and connect them with sports industry specialists and resources.

The ShePower Sport platform provides a safe space to ask questions and tell one’s story to like-minded athletes across the globe, to share success models, to receive peer advice, information and skills. Through this virtual community of athletes, sports industry experts and professionals, IBF hopes to gain the knowledge to break the barriers that surround women’s sport. The federation also wants to call upon their successful female athletes to share their own stories on this platform and help inspire other women athletes all around the globe…

ShePower sport website:

Read the full press release on the Internatinal Bowling Federation website here..

Stuart Watson
Head of Communications & PR
British Tenpin Bowling Association