Return To Sport Bowling – Leagues

To actively encourage a return to competitive bowling, the British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA) has produced a shortlist of things that should be done, before considering starting or restarting a league and requesting a League Sanction.

BTBA Chairman Lisa John writes:

“In my last communication to you, I promised that we would be looking at a way forward for Sport Bowling in England.

“Following consultation with the Director of Legal and Governance, we are now in a position to be able to offer a sanction to leagues wishing to recommence when our bowling centres are permitted to reopen.

“The following document MUST be used in conjunction with Government Guidelines along with consultation with local centre management before deciding whether leagues are appropriate for your local centre.

COVID-19 Return to Sport Bowling – Leagues 28th November 2020

We urge all league committees to review the BTBA League Rules (available on the Resources page) together with the advice in this document when formulating a plan for your league.

“We hope that leagues will be able to restart in the near future and we wish you all the best for your bowling season to come.

“All enquiries should be directed to but please do ensure you have read the document and the league rules before contacting us as many of your questions will already be answered within these documents.

“Please continue to stay safe and follow Government Guidance.”

Photo – Go Bowling Shipley

Lisa John
Chairman & Director of Membership Services
British Tenpin Bowling Association