ESC 2020 Selection Announcement

Selection for the two teams to go to the 1st official European Senior Championships in Vienna, Austria during January 2020 will be made as quickly as possible after the completion of the 3rd Team England Senior Trials by the Team England Selection Committee.

The TE Selection Committee will be Mark Heathorn, Steve Thornton and Natalie Hart and they will consider the following factors;
• performances in the trials
• performances over the last season
• potential to perform at European level
• ability to work in a team
• are in good standing with the BTBA at the time of selection
• age eligibility

Selected players will be notified of their selection by means of email, and once all players have accepted their place, confirmation of the teams will be publicised on the BTBA website.

Many thanks
Chris Hillman
Head of Team England and Chair of Selection Committee (with no vote on team selection)

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