BTBA Airport Doubles Report and Results

by Daniel Bonfield

The 4th stop of the BTBA Adult Tour was the Airport Doubles, with an incredible 53 teams registered to play. This made an excellent turnout of 106 bowlers – 85 men and 21 ladies. The fantastic sponsorship with have with B&P fabrications means we can keep the entry fee low without affecting the prize fund.

The format for this event was a 6 game qualifying block with the top four scratch scores and top four handicap scores going through to a stepladder final.

Leading from the Saturday squad was Gary Christopher and Craig Parker with 2602, a 216 average, and leading the handicap were Charlotte and Chelsie Williams on 2869.  Craig also led the individual standings on 1362, a 221 average and Chelsie Williams on 1247, a 208 average.

Onto the Sunday squads and there was some fantastic bowling. In the men’s, Jason Agate took maximum ranking points averaging 241, with James Conolly and Jason Crook both averaging 235. But it was in the ladies that saw the top bowling with Hayley Russell shooting a stunning 1566 an incredible 261 average and an English high score record for a 6 game block. There were also brilliant performances by Sarah Hood with a 232 average and Vicki Harman and Steph Tilson both averaging over 220.

The top four teams in the scratch division were

1 – Team Motiv – Hayley Russell & Pete Stevenson – 240 average

2 – Powerplay Poole – Jack Sanders & Matt Ayles  – 230 average

3 – Team Gotham – Joe Crook & Philip Manning  – 227 average

4 – Team Powerplay – Rob Thurlby & Liam Fitzpatrick – 225 average

The top four teams in the handicap division were

1 – Splits n Giggles – Sophie Peacock & David Passmore

2 – Curly Wurlys  – Charlotte Williams & Chelsie Willams

3 – Pin Pals – Matt Freer & Ant Morgan

4 – Human Sized Lobsters – Kayla Knight & James Conolly

Into the stepladder finals – 3rd plays 4th in a 1 game shoot off.

In the scratch game 1 – Team Gotham decided unfortunately this was going to be time for their lowest game of the day and only managed 317, losing to Powerplay who shot 402.

In the handicap game 1 – The Human Sized Lobsters had this one snatched out of their claws by the Pin Pals. The Lobsters had a 416 scratch the highest score across both matches, but were defeated on handicap 456-447 to the Pin Pals.

Game 2 – In the scratch it was a battle of the two Powerplay teams – North and South. Representing the South was Jack Sanders and Matt Ayles with Thurlby and Fitzpatrick from the North. The North shot a 435 and the South could only manage a 379… so the North won!

In the handicap game 2 – The two Williams sisters -Charlotte and Chelsie took on the victors of the first match Pin Pals. Chelsie was the star on the Saturday, but it was Charlotte’s turn to shine, with her 209 game winning the Curly’s Wurly’s the match with 453-417.

Championship Match – In the scratch section could Thurlby and Fitzpatrick stop the Motiv Team of Hayley Russell and Pete Stevenson? Thurlby played a supporting role with a moderate 213 and it was his partner Liam Fitzpatrick who stepped up. Liam shot 11 in a row and was going for a 300 which would have won him the ” bonus from tour sponsor Striking Shirts, but a 9 count left him with 299 which gave the Powerplay team a 512 team game.  Team Motiv could only manage a 432 in response and the win went to Liam and Rob.

In the handicap division Chelsie and Charlotte were up against top seeds Splits and Giggles, Sophie Peacock and Dave Passmore. The star of this match was Sophie who shot her tournament high game of 225 to give her team the title with a 531-443.



Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to our sponsors Striking Shirts and B&P Fabrications, and Bowling Vision who are helping us along on this journey.

Also thanks to Wayne Lester of the Middlesex association who gave up his weekend to run this event wanting to hold a major tournament on the doorstep of the Middlesex membership. The tournament also raised some money to help the local association.

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Airport Doubles Scores (download)

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