Lane Inspectors Course

The Head of Technical Services will be running a Lane Inspectors course early in 2018. The primary aim is to identify new inspectors but is also is open to people who wish to understand more about what this work entails and the work the BTBA does. The course will show how a lane is constructed and what the BTBA inspection consists of. There will be a practical inspection for attendees to complete and a test at the end.

The course will be run over two days probably over a weekend. Cost will be in the order of £75 / person for BTBA members or £100 for non-members. The final price will be based on the number of attendees.

Upon successful completion of the course the opportunity to inspect lanes may then be possible.

No previous knowledge is necessary but the following skills will be needed:

  • The ability to accurately measure in fractions of an inch using a tape measure. (All lane specs are imperial measurements)
  • The ability to add fractions.
  • Own or have access to a laptop/pc running Microsoft Excel 2013 or later. You will be required to bring this to the course.

Other factors you need to be aware of:

Health Aspects -There is a lot of bending and crawling involved, some in tight spaces, so the physical ability to do this is essential.

Clothing – Overalls or clothing that may get dirty will be needed. Bowling shoes – an old pair as soles will become dirty and impregnated with lane oil.

Safety – Pinspotters will be totally isolated from mains electricity. A torch (head torch is a better option) will be needed.

To gauge interest and to identify a suitable geographically based centre, please download this form, complete and return to by the 7th January 2018. Acknowledgement of receipt will be given.

Lane Inspectors Course Form

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