The following data are for the 2019/2020 NAYBC Tour, which was ended prematurely because of the COVID-19 ‘Coronavirus’ Pandemic.  Please click the links below to navigate the end of season results.

Thank you,

Steven Toop
YBE Tour Manager & Head of Youth Bowling
British Tenpin Bowling Association


2019/2020 NAYBC Tour End Trophy Winners

2019/2020 NAYBC Tour Winners

Tour End Bowler Averages

2019/2020 NAYBC Tour Boys Averages

2019/2020 NAYBC Tour Girls Averages

Average Divisions (updated 23/06/2020)
Boys A (180-300) B (160-179) C (140-159) D (120-139) E (100-119) F (0-99)
Girls A (180-300) B (160-179) C (140-159) D (120-139) E (100-119) F (0-99)


Age Divisions (updated 23/06/2020)
Boys U11 U13 U15 U17 U19 U22
Girls U11 U13 U15 U17 U19 U22


Triple Crown Qualifying (updated 23/06/2020)
Boys U15 U18
Girls U15 U18


EYC Qualifying (updated 23/06/2020) Boys Girls
WYC Qualifying (updated 23/06/2020) Boys Girls
YBC Ranking (updated 23/06/2020) YBC