New for 2024, a tournament series aimed at the U10 age group only.

BTBA Sanction: 24/00400

Maximum YBE Endeavour Tour Points available: 73 + 73 (Best two ranking points from the 5 weeks)

From our research from the YBE Discovery Tour 2023 it was revealed that the U10s attend less tournament on the main tour. So to encourage them to participate and potentially make the YBE Endeavour Tour Finals the U10 Challenge Cup will operate as follows.

  • This will be a virtual tournament but with a £10 entry fee per tournament.
  • It will be BTBA Sanctioned
  • There are designated U10 Challenge Cup Days, see calendar below
  • Participants will earn full Tour Ranking points in accordance with the YBE Endeavour Tour ranking policy
  • For the U10 Challenge Cup a handicap of 40% of 160 will be applied, please ensure the highest average is recorded on the entry form.
  • The Best 2 U10 Challenge Cup ranking points will carried to the Tour Ranking Points
  • To be fully eligible for the Tour Finals, at least 6 ranking tournaments must be entered ( with 2 counting from the Challenge Cup
  • To be eligible for the U10 Challenge Cup award, at least 3 Challenge Cup tournaments must be entered.
  • Entries must be made on completed entry forms, no later than 1 week prior to each event.

Now that we have entries for the minimum of 3 weeks to be eligible for the U10 Challenge Cup award, we are now showing the title contenders (who have entered at least 3 weeks). Full standing sheet available on the YBC 10 Challenge Cup Standings Section below.

PositionNameYBCHighest Score
1Codi HumphreyDunstable577.8
2Rebecca ThorpeMadison Heights508
4Harriet BonfieldDunstable446.6

Week 4 – Top 3 – Congratulations to those finishing in the top 3 in week 4. Top 3 medals will be sent to the bowlers in each week.

2Rebecca Thorpe508
1Codi Humphrey477
5Olivia Richardson434.4
YBC U10 Challenge Cup Standings
PositionNameYBCHighest ScoreEntriesWK1WK2WK3WK4WK5
1Codi HumphreyDunstable577.84354.2577.8415477
2Rebecca ThorpeMadison Heights5084427476504508
3Louis FrenchAshby447.42447.4398.4
4Harriet BonfieldDunstable446.64407.6446.6388420
5Olivia RichardsonDunstable434.43394.6414.4434.4
6Lucy CrumpMadison Heights430.44349.4362.4331.4430.4
7Jack DraperAirport429.83429.8354.2336.3
8Alfie HobdonBarnsley4202397.8420
9Ethan ChanderAirport414.24286.2376.2414.2248.2
10Blossom NashDunstable3854351385381.4362.1
11Leon MizinskiDunstable371.23371.2340.2360.2
12Jj HumphrysAshby3662366342
13Evelyn PennyDunstable365.64337.6365.6365.6311.6
14Toby HinchliffeMH9003532353311.8
15Henry StantonBirmingham Cobras336.62281336.6
16Abigail MasonAcocks Green327.41327.4
17Thomas BrennanDunstable312.82312.8304
18John Jr AyresKimberworth3071307
YBC U10 Challenge Cup Squadding

Paid entries are shown in bold

Week 1 – 6th AprilWeek 2 – 11th MayWeek 3 – 22nd June
Abigail Mason/Acocks Green (73)John jr Ayres/Kimberworth (55)John jr Ayres/Kimberworth (55)
Alfie Hobdon/Barnsley (71)Rebecca Thorpe/Madison Heights (100)Rebecca Thorpe/Madison Heights (100)
Blossom Nash/Dunstable (65)Toby Hinchliffe/MH900 (60)Toby Hinchliffe/MH900 (60)
Codi Humphrey/Dunstable (104)Lucy Crump/Madison Heights (85)Lucy Crump/Madison Heights (85)
Ethan Chander/Airport (74)Leon Mizinski/Dunstable (89)Jj Humphrys/Ashby (70)
Evelyn Penny/Dunstable (87)Blossom Nash/Dunstable (70)Louis French/Ashby (123)
Harriet Bonfield/Dunstable (92)Codi Humphrey/Dunstable (106)Henry Stanton/Birmingham Cobras (57)
Jack Draper/Airport (56)Olivia Richardson/Dunstable (118)Evelyn Penny/Dunstable (87)
John jr Ayres/Kimberworth (55)Evelyn Penny/Dunstable (87)Blossom Nash/Dunstable (73)
Leon Mizinski/Dunstable (89)Harriet Bonfield/Dunstable (87)Codi Humphrey/Dunstable (110)
Lucy Crump/Madison Heights (103)Alfie Hobdon/Barnsley (90)Harriet Bonfield/Dunstable (95)
Olivia Richardson/Dunstable (117)Ethan Chander/Airport (74)Thomas Brennan/Dunstable (81)
Rebecca Thorpe/Madison Heights (100)Jack Draper/Airport (59)Ethan Chander/Airport (74)
Toby Hinchliffe/MH900 (60)Jj Humphrys/Ashby (70)
Louis French/Ashby (123)
Week 4 – 6th JulyWeek 5 – 12th October
John jr Ayres/Kimberworth (55)John jr Ayres/Kimberworth (55)
Rebecca Thorpe/Madison Heights (100)Rebecca Thorpe/Madison Heights (100)
Toby Hinchliffe/MH900 (60)Toby Hinchliffe/MH900 (60)
Lucy Crump/Madison Heights (85)Lucy Crump/Madison Heights (85)
Ethan Chander/Airport (74)Louis French/Ashby (123)
Codi Humphrey/Dunstable (110)
Evelyn Penny/Dunstable (87)
Harriet Bonfield/Dunstable (95)
Leon Mizinski/Dunstable (89)
Blossom Nash/Dunstable (74)
Thomas Brennan/Dunstable (80)
Olivia Richardson/Dunstable (118)
Jack Draper/Airport (56)
YBE U10 Challenge Cup Calendar
6 AprilU10 Challenge Cup Wk 1Virtual3
11 MayU10 Challenge Cup Wk 2Virtual3
22 JuneU10 Challenge Cup Wk 3Virtual3
6 JulyU10 Challenge Cup Wk 4Virtual3
12 OctoberU10 Challenge Cup Wk 5Virtual3
YBE U10 Challenge Cup Entry Form

Entry Form

YBE U10 Challenge Cup Prize

1st : Trophy, Bowling Buddies Book Set (4 books), Pro-Shop Voucher
2nd: Trophy, Pro-Shop Voucher
3rd Trophy, Pro-Shop Voucher

Score Sheet

Please use this scoresheet to enter the U10 3 Game series each scoring week entered. Score sheets need to returned no later than 7 days after the scoring week. YBC officials must acknowledge this score.

Trophies kindly donated by M&A Trophies.