Bowler Ranking System

At the first Endeavour Tour tournament entered each bowler will be entered into the tour ranking division based on their age as of December 31st 2024.

There are separate Female and Male divisions and they are grouped as U22, U19, U16 and U13. There is also a U10 Mixed division.

Ranking points will be awarded based on the scratch pinfall of the qualifying games from each tournament.

Points will be awarded in the following ways:

  • Each game score over the declared and verified entering average: 1 point
  • Positional points within the age division based on total pinfall starting at 70 for 1st, decreasing by one for each place

Ranking tables will show score points and over average game points as Total (Score/Over) ie, 75 (70/5)

The best 6 tournaments at the end of the season will determine those bowlers eligible for the YBE Endeavour Tour Finals. NOTE: Each event at the YBE National Championships (Singles, Doubles, Team) will carry separate Tour Ranking points. The two best ranking events will be used on the YBE Endeavour Tour table.

The Top 6 Bowlers in each division will be invited to the Tour Finals

YBC Ranking System

YBC’s will receive Endeavour Tour Ranking points for each tournament their bowlers enter. A minimum of 6 tournaments must be entered and the YBC with most points from their best 6 will be declared the YBC of the Year.

YBC points will scored in the following way

  1. The difference between the combined entering average and the combined scoring average for each YBC will be ranked and placed in order from biggest to smallest difference. Points, starting at 70 and decreasing by 1 for each place will be awarded.
  2. A bonus uplift depending on the number of bowlers from the YBC entered will also be added. The bonus will range from 1% for one bowler to a maximum of 10% for 10 or more bowlers.

For example, a YBC earns 69 points for coming second in the Average Difference Ranking. They entered 4 bowlers, so a 4% bonus will be added. In total the YBC receives 71.76 ranking points for the tournament.