The 5th BTBA Senior National Championships will be held at Nottingham Bowl, Belward Street, NG1 1JZ on the following dates:

Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd May, with an additional day of Saturday 9th May

Sanction 20/029

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The lane pattern for this event will be from the Kegel Challenge Pattern Library.


Male and Female Team/Doubles combinations will be entered into the Open Division

Open Women
Singles and All events
Division A 185 and over 170 and over Individual
Division B 184 and under 169 and under Averages
Division A 370 and over 340 and over Maximum Composite
Division B 369 and under 339 and under Team Average
4 Person Team
Division A 740 and over 680 and over Maximum Composite
Division B 739 and under 679 and under Team Average

To participate in the BTBA Senior National Championships all participants must be BTBA or affiliated association members at the time of bowling in the tournament.

Tour points will be award to eligible individuals who enter the All events Element of the tournament.

1st UK Senior Masters Championships

Depending upon the number of Entries, it is expected that the Top 12 (Scratch) Men and Top 8 (Scratch) Ladies in the ‘All Events’ section, will be invited to play in the 1st UK Senior Masters Championships to be held later in the year. The winners of which will become The UK Senior Masters Champions and will be invited to attend the Gibraltar Open Championships in November.
(tournament dates and schedule t.b.c.)

Dependent upon the level of entries for the Senior Team England Qualifiers, it may be possible to hold the UK Senior Masters event on Saturday 30th May, the day before the first Senior Qualifier. Should this not be possible, then we will schedule the Masters event for later in the Year.

Squad Times

All players must register for their squads at least 30 minutes before the start of their squad.

Saturday 2nd May Sunday  3rd May
Squad A     Doubles and Singles       08:30 Squad D    Doubles and Singles        08:30
Squad B    4 Person Team                 12:30 Squad E     4 Person Team                 12:30 FULL
 Squad C   Doubles and Singles       16:00 FULL Squad F     Doubles and Singles        16:00
Saturday 9th May
Squad G       Doubles and Singles       08:30
Squad H       4 Person Team                 12:30
Squad J       Doubles and Singles        16:00

N.B. Please be aware that squads may begin a few minutes early if all bowlers are present.

Lane Maintenance will be after each squad.

Bowlers will change lanes after any three-game set only.

Entry Fees per Person

There will be an entry fee of £18.00 per person per event,  £10.50 of which will be prize fund.

Optional all-events of £7.00 per person per entry.

Registration fee £13.00.

Sanction fee £2.00 per person.

Total fee for an individual in the all events will be £76.00.

Additional prizes may be added and given during the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Manager.

How to Enter

Entry MUST be via the online link on the BTBA website:

CLOSING DATE will be midnight 30th April 2020. Vacant squad places after the closing date may be filled at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

Confirmation of entry will be emailed to Team Captains 2 days after the closing date.

Payment must be made via bank transfer to:

Barclays Bank Ilford

Sort Code: 20 44 22

Account Name: British Tenpin Bowling Association

Account No: 20 20 33 43

You must email when transfer has been made

Bank transfers must be referenced with the Team Captain’s name.  Once an entry has been paid and accepted no refunds can be made.  An entry may be sold to an eligible replacement on the authority of the Tournament Manager.

Tournament Manager

The Tournament Manager is John Strettle who may be contacted on 07932 978123, or by email using

Special Notes

As mentioned earlier and dependent upon the level of entries received for the Senior National Championships, the top twelve (scratch) Men and top 8 (scratch) Ladies, will be invited to participate in an 11-Game Round-Robin final and a 7 game Round-Robin final to decide the years ‘Senior Masters Champion’. Along with this accolade, the two Champions will be invited to attend the Gibralter Open Championships later in the year.

It was our intention to make the Senior National Championships the first of the three Senior Team England Qualifiers for the 2021 Squad and in so doing we had hoped that we would raise the profile of our National Championships. However, due to the age constraints within the Senior Nationals this is not possible, so for this we apologise to everyone and hope that this has not caused too much inconvenience at this time. Because of the above, we will continue to hold three Qualifying events, all to be held at Stroud Bowl, Top Floor, Merrywalks Centre, Stroud, GL5 1QA.

Now to the Qualifiers:

The Selection for the squads and Teams for 2021 will once again be based upon participation in the Qualifying Events, where these events will continue to give the Management Team the chance to assess the players in difficult, changing and challenging conditions that are a lot closer to those that they may face on international duty, whilst also paying due consideration to other National and International competitions. As in previous years, all bowlers will be encouraged to compete in all three events, but qualification into the squad willbe based on the best two performances, with the top two Ranking Positions being selected from the three events.

In Addition:

The top player from both the Men’s and Ladies Qualifiers will be invited to automatically join the 2022 Squad, providing that they participate in the following years Qualifiers, which should then begin to allow some continuity to exist within the squad as we go forward. In the event that one or both of the players does not participate in the Qualifiers the following year, or, alternatively declines their place, then that place(s) will be taken up by the next ranked Qualifying player(s).

As noted above, controlling the costs represents possibly the biggest challenge to the BTBA and the T.E. Management, and this challenge is becoming even more acute as we go forward. Personal and Team Sponsorship can play a huge part in helping to reduce costs, so we ask that all of us to be play an active role by challenging ourselves to find ways of reducing the financial burden on yourselves and our Team players.

(Please email: should you have any questions on the above)

General Playing Rules

This tournament is sanctioned by the BTBA, therefore the General Playing Rules and Tournament Rules of the BTBA, together with the following Special Rules, will govern this tournament. BTBA Membership will be checked on the BTBA database which is accessible at

  1. Eligibility: The tournament is open to all BTBA members who are aged 50 on or before 31st December 2020.
  2. Players entering average will be based on the highest following average, irrespective of whether it was bowled on string machines or traditional freefall:

Following a decision by the BTBA Executive, Free Fall and String averages will both be accepted without differentiation for all handicap tournaments as from 1st August 2018.  BTBA members will therefore have the opportunity of competing in tournaments on both String and Free Fall.  Over 30% of all lanes in the UK are set to become String by the end of 2020.  They will be subject to the usual lane certification process.

Players must declare their highest league or tournament average at the time of entry.

  1. Current season’s average for 18 games or more at the time of entry being the highest in any league which the player bowls, or composite tournament average of 12 games or more, whichever is higher, but may not be more than 5 pins lower than the previous season’s average.
  2. If the player does not have a current season’s average, last season’s average for 18 games or more will be acceptable, but may not be more than 5 pins lower than the bowlers highest previous average for any number of games. Nor may it be more than 5 pins lower than the players tournament average.
  3. if the player is unable to declare an average then they will be accepted in the highest division.
  4. The Tournament Manager reserves the right to accept, reject or re-rate any entrant, if in their opinion, the highest average submitted does not conform to past performance of the team or individual. Winner’s averages will be verified after the event.
  5. The team captain is responsible for the accuracy of all averages of the individual team members and they are in turn responsible to them.  Should the Tournament Manager find at any time that the averages have been falsified, the team/individual shall forfeit all claims for monies and prizes as well as their entry fee, and will be subject to disqualification and suspension from the BTBA.
  6. The use of any foreign substance on bowling shoes or approaches is strictly prohibited. Cleaning bowling balls with chemicals from the latest up to date “acceptable list” (available on WTBA website) is permissible throughout the tournament. Altering the surface of bowling balls is permissible outside the playing area during practice or between squads only. Bowling balls must be thoroughly wiped with a dry cloth immediately after cleaning or altering the surface.
  7. Players must wear suitable bowling attire. Players will not be permitted to wear denim. Tailored shorts will be permitted at the discretion of the tournament manager.
  8. It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that their bowling balls confirm to USBC specifications.  Spot checks may be made during this event.
  9. Players are prohibited from smoking (including E-cigarettes) and the consumption of alcohol whilst their squad is in progress.
  10. In the event of a tie for any position, the highest last game shall be used to determine who receives the highest position. In any situation where this does not resolve the tie, the penultimate game shall be used and so on. If the tie is still not resolved, a 10th frame roll off will be employed. In the event of a tie for an all-events position, the team games shall be used first, followed by the doubles, and finally if necessary the singles games.
  11. Protests: In the event of a dispute, the Tournament Manager must be notified immediately and a provisional ball bowled if necessary. Protests must be made within 30 minutes and confirmed in writing to the Tournament Manager within 72 hours. The Tournament Manager’s decision will be final, subject to appeal to the B.T.B.A.
  12. Any player whose conduct is considered liable to bring the game into disrepute will be disqualified from the tournament. Any individual so disqualified will be reported to the BTBA for consideration of disciplinary proceedings.

Bowlers Equipment and Dress

Bowlers must wear shoes which will not damage or disfigure the approaches.  The use of any foreign substance on bowling shoes or approaches is strictly prohibited.  Bowling ball surfaces cannot be changed during competitive play.  Cleaners approved for use in competitive play may be used.

Participants must be dressed neatly and wear clothing acceptable for public appearances.  No participant will be permitted to play in jeans or denim. The Tournament Manager shall be the judge in this matter.

Please note it is the onus of responsibility on the participant to check that his/her bowling ball conforms to specification, spot checks may be made during this event.

Special Requirements

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes),  eating  and  the  consumption of  alcoholic  beverages  is  forbidden during play or lane change time, non-alcoholic  drinks  may  be  consumed outside the players area.

General Information

Competitors can expect to experience some noise during the Competition from other players, especially during the Team Event.  Competitors are prohibited from the use of air horns or any other type of mechanical noise making equipment.

Estimated Prize Fund based on 160 Entries is £5000.

Tournament Sponsors are Striking Shirts and B&P Fabrications Leicester Ltd.

Accommodation and Saturday night meal is at Mercure Sherwood Nottingham.

Advance Booking information and hotel information.

TO BOOK A HOTEL ROOM for the tournament weekend FIRSTLY SEND DETAILS IN AN EMAIL TO JOHN STRETTLE, Tournament Manager, who has negotiated a special reduced deal.  For access to this special deal please telephone the hotel itself on this number 0115 935 9900.  Our contact there is Amy Nuthall.  All rooms notified to me in January have been allocated to those staying, and all that now remains is for you to call the hotel, give your booking name, mention the BTBA Senior Nationals and pay for your room.  Book soon for accommodation!  The special deal will not last forever, so pay as soon as possible in January.  The special price will continue until March 20th (earlier if sold out).

You are all cordially invited to the 5th Senior National Championships Meal (Menu to be as on the hotel’s standard restaurant menu that weekend), to be held on Saturday 2nd May 2020 from 7 for 8 pm at the Mercure Nottingham Sherwood Hotel, 296 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2BT.  Mercure Sherwood Nottingham Hotel is about 1.4 miles (five or ten minutes by car) from the bowl. Please note this is not the same hotel as the ‘Mercure Nottingham’which has a similar name.

Residents at the hotel which costs £70 per night per single room bed and breakfast or £75 per night double or twin room with breakfast will be able to enjoy the wifi, swimming pool and other amenities. 

Evening meal will be separate and can be added later.  On the Friday any bowlers staying will be expected to make their own meal arrangement if any and on the Saturday an evening meal will be organised for the group.