Welcome to the BTBA Educare Safeguarding Training Page. Here you will find general information on how to register and complete the course.

Register for training

In order to adhere to GDPR, The British Tenpin Bowling Association will only use your personal information for the use of registering and correspondence relating to the Educare Training Scheme. We will hold your personal information for the duration of the BTBA’s contract with Educare (two years from May 2018). The BTBA will not share your personal information with third parties unrelated to the Educare contract.

If you have any queries regarding registration, please email educare@btba.org.uk. The administration team coordinating the Educare Package are Stuart Watson and Terry Searle.

Educare GDPR Policy


General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to complete this training?

The BTBA have purchased a licence for 250 participants. This includes:

  • All existing BTBA Certified Coaches and those who are currently training to certify
  • All BTBA and NAYBC National Council Members
  • Each BTBA YBC will have a training allocation for one regular volunteer that is not a coach or member of the National Council

Why is the BTBA rolling out this Scheme?

Primarily the BTBA are looking into ways of supporting and equipping our volunteers with adequate and standardised tools to make sure that we are protecting our members at the best of our ability.

  • Highlighting to other sporting organisations and associations that the BTBA are progressive in our work practices.
  • Providing standardised training
  • Help strengthen the organisation as a whole, as all YBCs and coaches will have representatives confident in their training.
  • Provides evidence to funding and ethics bodies that the BTBA are supportive of our coaches and volunteers

What is included in this training package?

The Educare package that the BTBA have invested in is the “Sport Clubs E-Learning Licence” This licence includes a thorough collection of modules for the BTBA to utilise at different levels within the organisation. Please note that not all modules are compulsory for all, some are optional depending on your role within the organisation.

  • Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Introduction to Safety in Clubs
  • Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Child Protection in Sport and Active Leisure
  • Child Protection Refresher in Sport
  • Equality and Diversity
  • First Aid Essentials
  • Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Online Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Preventing Bullying
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Safeguarding Young People
  • Safer Recruitment

What modules would I need to complete?

As mentioned before, not all modules are compulsory for all, some are optional depending on your role within the organisation.


Along with the compulsory modules, coaches are free to access the optional modules provided in the overall package. At this time, it is encouraged for all Coaches to complete the compulsory Modules within a reasonable timeframe. This will assist in keeping the administration and communication smooth between the package and BTBA coaching.


Council Members

All members of the National Councils will receive the same compulsory training as Coaches, as well as compulsory modules covering GDPR, equality and diversity, online safety, and are also free to access the optional modules provided in the overall package. Council Members are welcome to complete all modules in the package.


Volunteers (that are not Coaches or Council Members)

It will not be compulsory for YBC Volunteers to complete modules in this training, but if registered are encouraged to complete a selection of modules, such as GDPR and online safety training for those who hold the YBC’s social media accounts. Volunteers are welcome to complete all modules in the package.


What is Educare and why are we using it?

EduCare is the UK’s leading provider of essential duty of care and safeguarding training. Their primary focus is on ‘duty of care’, helping to keep children, young people and adults safe from harm. With over 1,200 EduCare courses completed every day, they are the market leader in developing and delivering highly engaging online learning courses in partnership with leading experts.

For more information, please check out //www.educare.co.uk/


Getting Started as a user

Each candidate put forward for the training will need to provide the BTBA with a contact email (that they use on a regular basis) and full name.

On our end, we will pop the candidate’s details onto an Excel spreadsheet that Educare will provide to us. Educare will then directly email participants with login details and links. We can add members to the list at any time, although it would be easier to do multiple participants at a time.

The BTBA will have 2 Administrators (Karen Costello and Terry Searle as the two main admins) that will receive email confirmation of every participant that completes modules, their results and number of attempts. They will also be provided with certificates for members completing tests for award presentations (although members can also get the digital versions through their own dashboards).