We are pleased to publish the latest coaching news and information. The ‘ Coaching for the Future’ brochure gives the plan for engaging with coaches past, present and new to the changed Grading system:


STEP 1 – DOWNLOAD & READ – ‘Coaching for the Future’ (ref: CFT-2020-01)

CFT-2020-01 Coaching for the Future


STEP 2 – CLICK & COMPLETE this application form for ALL current AND previously BTBA recognised qualified coaches – if you are currently a FUNdamentals coach the please select ‘NONE’ when selecting for ‘Current ETBF qualification’ and also ‘OTHER / NONE’ for the ‘Other current / previous BTBA recognised coaching qualifications held’ and we will locate you on the existing database and add it to your application for you.




BTBA Coaching general email –  coaching@btba.org.uk

Regional Youth Bowling Support Managers

North Derek Simpson dereksimpson@btba.org.uk
Central Dave Tagg davetagg@btba.org.uk
South Stuart Watson stuartwatson@btba.org.uk

Other links and information(s):

DBS Application form (under Resources menu) https://form.jotformeu.com/72352467283359
BTBA licence application form (under Resources menu) https://form.jotformeu.com/72353270283352
EduCare training information (under Resources menu) https://btba.org.uk/educare/
EduCare training application (under Resources menu) https://btba.org.uk/educare-training-application-form/
BTBA website http://btba.org.uk
Youth Bowling England homepage (badge on this website homepage) https://btba.org.uk/youth-bowling-england/
Team England homepage (badge on this website homepage) https://btba.org.uk/team-england-qualification/
Reference list of coaches qualified as of 9th February 2020 https://btba.org.uk/btba-coaching-home/list-of-qualified-coaches/


CALENDAR – Getting started

This calendar will be updated as we move forwards, but gives the latest information from Monday 14th September, and will be updated next on 28th September.

Current and/or previous BTBA recognised qualified Coaches:

1) Register with the DBS (please ensure DBS registration is confirmed

before advancing to 2)

2) Hold a current BTBA Standard plus Coaching or International Gold plus

Coaching membership card

3) Complete a coaching application form for current and/or previous BTBA

recognised qualified coaches

More follows…