The British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA) is the official governing body of tenpin bowling in England. It was formed on May 26 1961 by Maurice Glazier, who was the first General Secretary of the BTBA. The current Chairman of the BTBA is Lisa John.

The BTBA is recognised by World Bowling as the official sanctioning body in England and is responsible for the protection, integrity and development of the sport.  As the governing body of the sport in this country, it provides a comprehensive service to all its members.

Our Mission

Leading the sport of tenpin bowling forward.

Our Vision

The British Tenpin Bowling Association was established to promote and improve the sport of Tenpin Bowling. It aims to ensure that all people, irrespective of their age, disability, ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation or social status have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in the sport at all levels and in all roles.

Our Key Values

  • Focus on our membership
  • Commitment to equality
  • Working together with respect
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Pride in our heritage

Further Information

Memorandum and Articles of Association