Yorkshire Handicap Singles 2024 – A YBE Endeavour Tour 2024 Event

The Yorkshire Handicap Singles 2024 took place at Go Bowling Shipley Lanes on 10 & 11 February 2024.

83 youth athletes competed in 6 games, at doubes pace, moving lanes after 3 games.  A total of 4 squads, each with 20 spots were available between Saturday 10 and u 11 February.

After qualification, the top 30 athletes were split into 5 groups of 6, and bowled a further 2 games each, with the top two bowlers in each group moving to a ‘scramble’ round, in which the lowest bowler ‘dropped’ after each consecutive game until we found a winner from both scrambles, who would then face off in the 1 game Grand Final.

Congratulations to Kieran Hockney who defeated Tyler Tansley in the Grand Final 235 – 191.


Qualifying YHS24 standings

Squad results YHS24


GROUP STAGE (click graphic for full size)


SCRAMBLE ROUND (click graphic for full size)