YBE VHS 2024 Week 1

The YBE Virtual High Series (VHS) Tournament for 2024 began on 27 January 2024, at bowling centres across the Country.  The tournament plays out virtually at the athletes own bowl as part of their regular Youth Bowling Club.

The tournament is open to all members of Youth Bowling England (YBE), who are registered and active members of a Youth Bowling Club (YBC).  You can find out more about everything Youth Bowling England do for youth bowlers and athletes under 22 years of age by clicking the logo on the homepage, or this link >> https://btba.org.uk/ybe2024/ (opens in a new window)

You can join in with the VHS at anytime during the year, by talking to your YBC Club Secretary or Coach.  We look forward to seeing your name on the weekly summary below!

Stephen Toop
Head of Youth Bowling

WEEK 1 – JAN 27 2024

U10 Mixed – 1st place after week 1 went to Manchester Bee Alexis Jennings with 762, over Airport’s Jack Draper, 2nd with 680 and Mansfield’s Jasper Burrows, 3rd with 677.  4th place went to Crawley’s Ollie Dutton with 668 and 5th went to Coventry Cobra Henry Stanton with 653.

U13 For the U13 boys, Norwich Falcon Jacob Peters led the pack with 741 over Jaiden Lee of Manchester in 2nd with 723, James Burn of Lewisham in 3rd with 710, Manchester’s George Jennings in 4th with 693 and Myles Wallace of Excel Sunderland 5th with 685.

For the U13 girls, Ava Richardson of Dunstable Dragons led with 735 over Erin Jollands of Ashby in 2nd with  725, Teigan Ronald of Scunthorpe Steelers in 3rd with 699, Constance Barber of Hull in 4th with 686 and Elsie Scott, also from Hull, in 5th with 683.

U16 For the U16 boys It was 1st and 3rd for Manchester’s Thomas Jennings on 761 and Isaac Hope on 715, with Ashby’s Lucas Day sitting comfortable between them with 735.  In 4th was Thomas Pain of Madison Heights on 708 and in 5th Aria Warnes of Norwich Falcons with 706.

For the U16 girls, Coventry Cobra Paige Stanton carded 709 for first, over Grace Thomis & Lizzie Graves in 2nd and 3rd respectively on 684 and 680, from Shipley.  4th place saw Lewisham’s Evie Denne with 676 and Chantal Lee in 5th with 662.

U19 Kyle McLoughlin of Dunstable Dragon’s leads  the U19 boys with 867, over Ben Cropper on Manchester in 2nd with 853 and Jackson Farrell of Wallasey 3rd with 769.  4th is /Kieron Walters, Kimberworth with 753 and 5th Liam Bailley of Manchester with 732.

For the girls, Ella Dunphy of Ashby led with 770,, over Wallasey’s Holly Gibbon, 2nd with 749 and Ashley Watson of Dunstable Dragon’s 3rd ith 722.  4th and 5th went to Worthing Wolves Lucy Lawson with 694 and Sienna Biscoe with 668 respectively.

U22 Top 5 for the men were all from different YBCs, with Oliver Stroud of Crawley 1st with 770, Jason Youdan of Shiipley 2nd with 7707, Ben Stevens of Madison Heights 3rd with 698, Josh Bland of Dunstablr Dragons 4th with 694 and Layton Palmer of Worthing Wolves 5th with 685.

For the women, also from different YBC’s saw Jessica Sillis of Dunstable Dragons lead with 699 over Lauren Flinders of Kimberworth in 2nd with 687, Caitlin Tristan-Devey of Coventry Cobras in 3rd with 649, Amy O’Neill of Manchester 4th with 628 and Nikkita Truslove of Eastbourne 5th 559.