YBE Launch Grass Roots Athlete Development Scheme

YBC GR1 Scheme Booklet

Youth Bowling England (YBE) are pleased to announce the launch of the Grass Roots Athlete Development Scheme..

“From bowler to athlete!”

“This YBE Grass Roots Athlete Development Scheme was inspired by the ‘Strike Out for Success: A 10-step Tenpin Bowling Assessment System’ written by Arthur J. McDonnell, a former BTBA Director of National Coaching, in July 1998.

“This re-imagined and fully updated assessment is intended to provide an objective and measurable record of an athlete’s general abilities at a given point in time, and is inclusive. Irrespective of gender, age or natural ability, it provides a pathway to begin thinking, training and competing as an athlete.”

Although YBE is dedicated to the growth of junior and youth bowling, this scheme is of benefit to athletes of all ages and abilities, whether new to the sport, existing competitors or those seeking to improve generally.

The assessments within the booklet are written for any person to use and complete, and “..for the licenced instructor or coach this assessment provides a reliable and proven method to focus attention on the key skills of the sport, which they will no doubt apply to many levels of athlete throughout their coaching career.”

“Using this assessment it will be possible to:

• quickly identify and grade, or measure an athlete’s abilities;
• identify and display where progress is being made; and
• highlight weaknesses which athlete’s can focus attention on.”

Example Certificates to award your young acheivers, or acheivers of any age of course, will be posted very soon!

DOWNLOAD the booklet by clicking on this link.. (click or tap to load)

Please contact me for more information.

Stuart Watson
BTBA Communications & PR
Member of the YBE Committee

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