COVID-19 Alert Levels (Tiers) and league/club bowling

With the introduction of different tiers, the changes in the COVID-19 regulations has made it even more difficult for the BTBA to give guidance to individuals attempting to restart league and club bowling.  With different restrictions in different areas of the country, we urge you all to follow the local guidelines for your area.

The health and welfare of our members and their families is of paramount importance to us.  With that in the forefront of our mind, we find ourselves in an extremely difficult position while the current pandemic rules are in force.  We are still unable to sanction leagues at this time but will continue to work behind the scenes to try and expedite this process.

We continue to ask you to work with your local centres, now more than ever, to support them through these difficult times.  Without them we would not have a sport so please work with them to make bowling a safe space.

With kind regards,

Lisa John
British Tenpin Bowling Association