‘Coaching for the Future’ scheme, resources and registration

Last update 7th October 2020

We are pleased to publish the ‘Coaching for the Future’ scheme, which sets out our plan for engaging with coaches past, present and new with the changed Grading system.

Download and Read a summary of the scheme here:

CFT-2020-02 Coaching for the Future (.pdf)


There have been some improvements to the scheme in order to make it more accessible for all coaches.

Now, only New and Non-registered BTBA Coaches will need to apply to become registered BTBA Grade Coaches.

Apply here – Click on this link – Application form for new and non-registered coaches


BTBA Graded Coaches

1. FUNdamentals and BTBA Coaches who are already registered on the BTBA database, will automatically be transferred to the new scheme as and when they renew their membership, in the meantime please carry on as normal. If you require support or advice, either email coaching@btba.org.uk or contact one of our Lead Coaches (listed below) who will be more than happy to help.


2. BTBA Coaches will be graded accordingly:

Fundamentals Coaches will be BTBA Grade 1

New applicants will be BTBA Graded 1+ (after passing the appropriate online exam).

Non-registered BTBA Coaches – those who are not on the current BTBA database on the BTBA Coaching webpage, that can prove they hold or have held a coaching qualification recognised by the BTBA will be graded as a BTBA Grade 1+ (this is the highest BTBA grade without an ETBF qualification).

Registered BTBA Coaches – those who are on the current BTBA database on the BTBA webpage, will be graded equivalent to their current status when renewing their membership.

Coaches that have already successfully applied to become BTBA Grade Coaches will shortly have their details changed on the BTBA coaching database to show their new status. New style licences will be sent out ASAP but may take several weeks due to the changes, printing etc.

Coaches that have applied and are still in the process of completing their application, will be contacted by one of our Lead Coaches who will assist and guide you through the procedure.

For further information, please click on the ‘Coaching for the Future (.pdf)‘ link above.



1. BTBA Coaching general email

To contact BTBA Coaching we manage a single email address which is actively monitored by the coaching team.  Please send your questions, queries or other information to  coaching@btba.org.uk


2. Your Regional Lead Coaches

North Derek Simpson dereksimpson@btba.org.uk
North Curtis Hooper curtishooper@btba.org.uk
Central Dave Tagg davetagg@btba.org.uk
South Stuart Watson stuartwatson@btba.org.uk



1. Registered BTBA Coaches database

This database will be updated every 4-6 weeks and updated on the following link.  If you have any queries or find any discrepancies please  do not hesitate to email coaching@btba.org.uk

Click this link for the List of Registered Coaches


2. COVID-19 – BTBA Coaching Sessions Advice Sheet

It is essential to be aware that this sheet is for advice only. Bowling Centres and their local Government guidelines take precedence and must be adhered to.

BTBA Coaching Sessions COVID-19 Guidance – 1st October 2020


Other Links

DBS Application form (under Resources menu) https://form.jotformeu.com/72352467283359
BTBA licence application form (under Resources menu) https://form.jotformeu.com/72353270283352
EduCare training information (under Resources menu) https://btba.org.uk/educare/
EduCare training application (under Resources menu) https://btba.org.uk/educare-training-application-form/
BTBA website http://btba.org.uk
Youth Bowling England homepage (badge on this website homepage) https://btba.org.uk/youth-bowling-england/
Team England homepage (badge on this website homepage) https://btba.org.uk/team-england-qualification/


Thank you,

The BTBA Coaching Team