VACANCY: Director of Sport

The BTBA are please to invite applications for the role Director of Sport.

Job Description

A member of the Executive Council with responsibility for the well-being of all aspects of the sport;

  • To support National Council (NC) in adopting and enforcing uniform rules, qualifications, methods and conditions of play and enforcing bowling equipment specifications for sanctioned competitions.


  • Available to attend Executive Council meetings, where you will be expected to brief the other executives on your strategic plans and outcomes and be able to give input into general running of the business of the BTBA.


  • Liaise with Sport and Recreational Alliance, reporting to National Council any updates or directives.


  • To consider changes to the ‘Codes of Conduct’ for international travel policy for bowlers and make recommendations in consultation with the Finance and Business Committee to NC.


  • To oversee and co-ordinate the national coaching programme with the Head of Coaching.


  • Be responsible for the following National Council members, defining roles and responsibilities and ensuring that their performance against agreed strategies is evaluated on a regular basis and feedback is provided to the Executive Council.
    • Head of Coaching & Education
    • Head of Team England
    • Tournaments Officer
    • Head of Youth Bowling England

Download the application here by clicking this link…

Thank you,

Lisa John
Chairman & Director Membership Services
The British Tenpin Bowling Association