Announcement for remaining BTBA County Championships 2020

Announcement for remaining BTBA County Championships 2020..

It is with regret that I announce that the Under 22 County Championships due to be held at Nottingham on the 4th and 5th of July is to be cancelled.

Organisers of any event never want to see it cancelled and I know that there will be many disappointed bowlers and parents, but in light of the continuing uncertainty around the opening of bowling centres, the possibility of them opening that weekend and what they will look like when they do, I feel that the BTBA can not plan for this county event to go ahead safely at the start of July.

The Adult County qualifying rounds are due to take place in September and the finals in November. At this time the bowling centre is booked for November, but the qualifying rounds have not been confirmed, due to closure of centres etc.

I am also aware of some counties who have not yet been able to play their trials. I am reviewing the situation frequently and am ever hopeful that this prestigious event can take place. However, with social distancing and the uncertainy of what bowling centres will look like I am not sure that a minimum of 10 people on one pair of lanes will be able to happen.

I will make the final decision regarding this event by the 3rd of July, as by then we will have more information in regards to bowling centres and what they will be able to offer for competitive play. I will keep you all posted in regards to this event and that the BTBA and Proprietors Association are in communication regarding what bowling will look like when the bowls open their doors.

Take care and see you all in a bowling centre soon.

Jo Cundy
Director of Governance & Legal
British Tenpin Bowling Association